Mothers: Who Are They?

Posted by Jane Ohenhen on January 1, 2000
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Parenting is a difficult task for humans and animals alike. Besides difficulties in rising their next generation, humans and animals alike have lots in common in child rearing. My new book titled “Mothers: Who Are They?” is an appreciation for parenting challenges experienced by animals and human alike if their next generation is to survive. Also outlined in this book is the hardship and difficulties of parenting in a tough world. This book outlines positive attributes shared by both humans and animals for the next generation to survive. This book is an appreciation for attachment parenting practice by animals in

Fitness Team

Posted by Bryan Fass on January 1, 2000
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Does your company have a wellness or fitness team?  Do your employees have a voice for their health and wellness concerns?  Is your organization proactive for reducing workers compensation and health care costs?

There are employees in your organization that are screaming to be heard and they have good ideas!  Good ideas that can save you money and boost overall productivity.  There are employees in your organization that are only heard when they have a complaint, do you tap into these folks to empower them a position of leadership and responsibility?

Identify the employees that want to be heard, add

Because It’s There

Posted by Bryan Fass on January 1, 2000
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As a subject matter expert, author, speaker/trainer and all around fitness and wellness guy I am often asked the same question over and over again.  Why do you do all that crazy stuff when you work out?  Flipping tires, sprinting up the biggest hill I can find, turning a play ground into a big functional fitness gym, choosing to eat healthy…this list is endless!

Frankly I do these things for a few reasons.

1. As a therapist I have seen what pain and disability does to the body and the human spirit.

2. As a Paramedic I choose to not

Tempus Fugit

Posted by Donald Wyant on January 1, 2000
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In a little less than a month I will be 71. I’m really looking forward to that. The past 70 years of my life have been replete with joy, sadness, close calls and challenges. I would like to share a few of them with you. I remember the thrill of being a starting quarterback of my high school football team Momence, Illinois against our arch rival Bradley High School. That was good. I remember turning on the radio and learning that Roger Bannister had broken the four minute mile. An impossible feat. With my Dad ,watching my beloved White Sox’s

Why should your nonprofit organization consider solicitor training for your staff and your volunteers? The answer is simple – because too often we take for granted that the “people in the field” are prepared for anything that comes their way. 

Your next question may be, “I’m the manager of my staff and volunteers.  Why do you think I am not able to train them myself?”  Seeking the assistance of outside counsel to train your staff and volunteers is by no means an indication that you are not doing your job as a manager.  Instead, you

The MotivAct Group in the News

Posted by Tom Ingrassia on January 1, 2000
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We are pleased to announce that The MotivAct Group will be featured in the May 14 edition of Worcester Business Journal, with the article, “10 Things I Know About Motivating Employees,” authored by Tom Ingrassia. We also will be in the July/August issue of Wisdom Magazine, with a feature on our innovative “Mental Massage(tm)” program.

It was an event planner’s worst nightmare…

She was in charge of an educational event designed for physicians and high-level executives in her healthcare organization. She had a couple meetings with the featured speaker. Nice guy…very smart, and yet maddeningly elusive when she tried to pin him down to specifics of hi s presentation. He would smile slyly and say, “Trust me! It will be great! I guarantee I’ll have their attention.”

As the event drew closer, the only individual the speaker would speak to was the media tech and he swore her to secrecy.  She was put

Most of my life I struggled with confidence and self-esteem. Coming from a family with a very demanding mother plus being the youngest of five girls and myself being a twin, I never felt that I WAS SPECIAL IN ANYWAY. Following my childhood I spent 27 years in a difficult marriage and after the death of my first husband, I was drained, my mental and physical energy left, “it was gone”. That is when I took a sabbatical from my counseling, concerts and lectures. I needed to renew myself and get back what I had left behind for so many

Part 1 of 2 Part Series… #hr #astd #shrm #hrtechchat
Changing the Hands of Training – The Winds of Change Are Upon Us
It’s time to change “hands” – from the HR & Training Department and into the hands of the employee… out of the classroom and into the hands of your talent.

Ok…hold your horses…I’m not suggesting the elimination of these departments or classroom delivery.  I am suggesting our role must evolve more into true facilitators and strategist of learning and engage all stakeholders in the on going process of training and development with the use of

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted by Alicia Marie Fruin on January 1, 2000
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Have you noticed that when you allow the entrepreneurial spirit in you to lead the way – with passion, authenticity, purpose and persistence – you naturally express thoughts and actions of abundance?  You just know that all things are possible.

Our recent economy has been built on entrepreneurialism; it’s rooted in the unwavering entrepreneurial spirit of creativity, ingenuity, determination and drive.  Entrepreneurs live in a perpetual state of opportunity and they produce a powerful ripple effect of abundance for all of us.  Why is that?

I’ve had the pleasure of