California Sexual Harassment

Posted by Bonnie Cox on January 1, 2000
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With January 2013 right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about AB1825 compliance!

Since the law was passed in 2005, all California employers with more than 50 employees have been required to conduct 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training for their supervisors, every other year and 2013 will be the next deadline for compliance.

Since I’ve been doing these trainings over the past several years, I’ve noticed some interesting trends:  
1. Managers, supervisors, and leads, in general, know and understand the basics of the CA Sexual Harassment law.  
2. They’re aware that there

Talk It Out

Posted by Dr. Larry Losoncy on January 1, 2000
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Talk It Out There is no stress quite like financial stress. Money worries grip our country, as we all know. The grim statistics flood the news and newspapers day in and day out: homes underwater, unemployment in the millions, mortgages being foreclosed, federal government spending out of control, the list just goes on and on. Where the stress hits home is with unpaid bills, dental work that we cannot afford, hospitalizations that will wipe out whatever is left of the family savings, medical services or medicines that are too expensive. Money in our society equates with life and death. 50

The Grand Inquisitor on the Nature of Man

by Fyodor Dosteovski

For may years, I have had among my books a copy of ‘The Grand Inquisitor’, that I found amid other old books in a delightfully musty used book store.  It is a book that I have read many times over the years because its great theme of the quasi-super-transnational-neo-socialist monolithic government and its unopposed state authorized program of manipulated awareness is both compelling and frightening.

‘The Grand Inquisitor’ is chapter 5 in Book 5 of Dostoevski’s last novel,’The Brothers Karamazov’, written

The cosmic joke played on the medical profession a few years back resulting from the genome projects failure to produce the amount of cells in the human body as promoted thru the Darwinian/Newtonian era, now shows why you can’t be a victim of your genes any longer. The new epigenetic theory so profoundly uncovered and now being the start of the new biology of the future, has many physicians scratching their medically constructed minds of the old era.

Genetic determinism is a thing of the past as theories go and now the fact, that a gene cannot express itself

The meditation practice for men or women

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The meditation practice for men or women are slightly different. Both of the practices are called Jin Zwer (tranquil sitting). About the practice for men, which I had published a book, Tranquil Sitting could serve as the guidance for practice.
About the practice for women, I would use master Helongxiang’s book, the combination book of elixir cultivation for women as the guidance.

The mechanistic worldview of Rene’ Descartes (1596-1650) who reduced the empirical world to subject-object dualism is being supplanted by an integrative worldview.

the new integrative worldview not only sees the observable world differently – human beings are seen in a different manner too.  No longer are persons viewed as a mere “Ghost in a Machine”, (Gilbert Ryle, 1900-1976 and Authur Koestler, 1905-1983), they are seen as unitary beings.

Yakin Kaufman, M.D. said, ” PNI deals with the interactions of the mind, the nervous, the immune, and the endocrine systems.  During the last decade, the findings in neuroscience, neuroimaging and molecular biology have

Over the years as a pastoral counselor I’ve had to help persons understand that anger and self care are not compatible.  In fact they are opposite and the impact of anger upon one’s life is very destructive.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesian community the following:

“Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, . . . , be put away from you . . .”  Eph. 5:31 KJV

Briefly, the word ‘bitterness’ in the Greek New Testament is the word pikria which means poison.  The word ‘wrath’ in the Greek New Testament is thumos which means outburst

One of the most powerful assessment instruments used by medical professionals and clinical chaplains is the HOPE Questionnaire.  It is a practical tool that was developed to help patients who stated that spirituality plays an important role in their lives, and “that there is a positive correlation between a patient’s spirituality or religious commitment and health outcomes.”

The HOPE instrument addresses the following areas (Am. Fam.Physician 2001;63:81-8.89):

H – sources of hope, strength, comfort, meaning, peace,love, and connection

O – the role of organized religion for the patient

P – personal spirituality and practices

One of the most fascinating documents of ancient clinical wisdom is the Proverbs or Mashal Collection of the Old Testament literature corpus.

Scholars have noted the remarkable thematic resemblances between the Proverbs and the Instruction of Amememope (ca. 1300-1075 BC) another book of ancient clinical wisdom.

The Proverbs emphasize wisdom as foundational for success in life.  Indeed, the term Proverbs is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Mashal which literally means superior mental action for successful living.

There is considerable evidence in Proverbs to demonstrate the dynamic synergy of the spiritual and the emerging paradigms of science and bio-behavioral medicine.

One of the most powerful factors in the appropriate psycho-social development of individuals is the ability to experience and negotiate personal and global adversity.

This highly important aspect of human growth and development was the subject of a study conducted by Mark D. Seery of the University of Buffalo and E. Alison Holman and Roxane Cohen Silver of the University of California at Irvine, California.

The title of their study is compellingly titled:

“Whatever Does Not Kill Us:  Cumulative Lifetime Adversity, Vulnerability, and Resilience”

A summary of their article states: Exposure to adverse life events typically predicts subsequent negative effects on