The best way to maximize your time is with one simple question. What is the most important thing I could be doing with my time right now to get me closer to my goals?  This is a powerful question to ask when your schedule opens up or an appointment cancels. This is a great question to ask at the completion of one task and before the start of another. This is a great thought to hold when employees and/or coworkers want to interupt you. It is also very useful to ask it first thing in the morning before you start

Being popular is actually over-rated. Many people confuse it with leadership. They are not the same. Popularity is about being liked whereas leadership is about being respected.  Mr. Popular focuses on his/her needs whereas the leader is consumed with meeting group goals and objectives. It is a waste of time trying to be Mr./Ms. Popular if you have a desire to be a change agent. I should know since I was Mr. Popular in college.  The person doing keg stands and jello shots in the back of the frat house is not the person you will follow when it is time to accomplish

Make It Better Here and Now!

Posted by Al0703 on January 1, 2000
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View Make it Better Here and Now on YouTube Hello, Al Spinks here, and thanks for your interest. You know what? I just don’t get it. We live in one of the greatest nations on earth but I feel we’re letting that greatness slip away. From an individual perspective, it seems as if we are yielding to a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. It’s as if we want others to do for us that which we are very capable of doing for ourselves. We want to become rich, famous and healthy over night but have a tendency to become

“I should have more money” “I should be further along in my career” “I should have gotten that job” “I should be healthy” “I should have my retirement in place” “I should be in school” “I should finish school” “I should be married” “I should get a divorce” “I should lose weight” “I should have said something in the meeting” “I should have just shut up” These are just a few ways that our mind is constantly “should-ing” on ourselves. Because we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, it’s impossible to examine each thought to see which ones are “should-ing”

What is happening worldwide is that the world’s central bankers (the Fed in the U.S.) are trying to fight a global excess of debt by stimulating more debt.  The are creating a bigger and larger debt bubble.  This debt bubble like the previous two will burst.  The previous two bubbles were the stock market bubble which burst in 2001 and the housing bubble which burst in 2007. When the debt bubble burst (not if), the result will be a serious global economic contraction.   This contraction will be deflationary.  Those individuals and businesses that are over leveraged will get wiped-out.

In business, we often think that we have to escape work to find inner peace. However, right where you are, you can tap into your well of tranquility. Often people save up and can’t wait to go on vacation.  But, they find flights delayed, bad


accommodations, bad company, and everything goes wrong.  It’s not about escaping to find peace, it’s about tapping into your own inner peace no matter where you are. How?  By observing your thoughts. The idea behind watching your thoughts is not just to be aware of the negative ones, and then suppress them,

Purpose I like to watch people living their purpose. The person who was born to sing and finds satisfaction in singing everywhere, in public and in private; the artist who loves to paint and finds great satisfaction and expression in blessing people through his or her creative gifting. My housekeeper who makes things shine better than I can, and organizes my life to make it easier and more effective. People living in their purpose not only bless those around them but also the larger community benefits from their gifts that are freely given. Yet, I’ve seen people with great gifts

Here are 5 ways people behave in organizations that are the surest path to poor results and lack of accomplishment.   These behaviors are prevalent in most workplaces.  Ineffective leadership allows these behaviors to persist which can harm organizations and lead to lethargy, low morale and poor productivity in the workplace. 1. Practice poor and inappropriate communication Holding discussions by email when face to face communication is needed and the failure to call a face to face meeting or even a video/teleconference call to test perceptions and to gather “free information” often conveyed in body language is a primary offense.  Effective

Jiddu  Krisnamurti  (1875-1986), was an Indian writer and speaker of great original power.  I was introduced to his work in a college course on philosophy and religion.  What amazed me then and continues to do so is the manner in which Krishnamurti approached the world and its problems. For instance, he stated the following comment about the world’s seemingly unsolvable problems:  “One can see that ideologies play a tremendous part in the life of man throughout the world and that these ideologies do separate man into groups, the republican and the democrat, the left and the right and so on.

Selling for Gold

Posted by Dion Harding on January 1, 2000
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It is Sunday, August 12, and it has been two weeks since I have been on the internet for fear of spoiling my Olympic fix for the night.  What I found is that I am not alone.  Of the 2.4 billion people around the world that watched the Olympics, there were several others who did not want to know results and those that did. Either way, the Olympics is the single largest event that unifies the world. Perhaps, the most perplexing concept to understand is how people can watch athletes give every ounce of their heart and soul to reach