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Herman Trend Alert: Innovation and Entrepreneurship February 24, 2010

For years now, we have seen a growing trend towards “Innovation” being a leading 
focus for corporations worldwide. A new book from Robert C. Wolcott and Michael 
Lippitz, “Grow from Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation” 
(McGraw-Hill 2010),

Maureen M. Boston, MA Dear Dr. Rosie, I so appreciate your articles. They are very grounding and make me feel more normal, even when I’m panicking and unsure that I’m doing the right thing. My life is topsy-turvy right now. I’m leaving a two year relationship, I’m moving away from family and friends on a quest to find myself and the work I want to do. People say I’m crazy but I really feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I know I won’t be homeless or destitute, but I don’t know much else. Is there a

Inspired Goals Webinar

Posted by Alicia Marie Fruin on January 1, 2000
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•The top three reasons why people don’t set goals

• How to start fresh and complete past goals

• The process of focus and attention

• Goal setting tips

• The language of goal setting

• Strategy for what will likely stop you from achieving your goals

• How to set goals that inspire and motivate

• How to embrace failure and disappointment rather than avoid it

Inspired Goals Flyer | Inspired Goals Registration Form

Time: 10:00 – 1:15
Tuition: $39.95 (As always, current coaching

What is Peak Performance?

Simply put, like Larry the Cable Guy, “Get ‘er done”! Like Captain Picard, “Make it so”. Like the Lone Ranger,”Hi Ho, and Away”. Get cracking and get the electricity flowing. It doesn’t matter the size of your company or business. It works for one person, or 10,000 or more, local, national, or global.

Before you can reach peak performance you need to define what it is for you, your business, your company, your success. It certainly isn’t the same for everyone and every company or business even in the same industry. It depends on our perspectives,

No one but no one likes changes….except a baby with wet diapers. Sounds silly

but is it true. One has to become a “Chameleon” and adapt to the change that is

inevitable . With the excess and noise from so much social media, you have to be

succinct at what message you are sharing. By reaching your audience with a

content rich article that basically resolves a “pain” with the “salve” of information

you have; makes a difference and will hold their attention. By doing the research

Mastering Change

Posted by Paul Figueroa on January 1, 2000
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Four Clues You or Your Staff are Having Problems with Change.

1.  Gossip Increases.

2.  Productivity Decreases

3.  Increase in Team Conflict

4.  Old Resentments Resurface

Let’s talk about Gossip first, shall we?  Whenever I get called in to help an organization with gossip challenges, one of the first questions I ask is “What are the staff afraid of or having a hard time with?”  Gossip is usually a reaction to a problem they are having.  It’s a symptom of a different problem, the thing that’s beneath the surface.  Realize that change

Career management in this changing world is a bit like a chess game. You need to look several moves ahead. All of us will be judged by our ability to impact an organization, so here are some questions that to ask yourself to determine both those things that you do well and the ways in which you contribute:

  • What particularly strong skills do you have? Of these skills, which show an exceptional ability?
  • How are you regarded? If others were to describe you, which adjectives would come up most frequently?
  • What are your greatest contributions to the organizations

One generation knew exactly where they were when they learned of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My peers know where we were when we learned of the death of President Kennedy. Likewise, I know exactly where I was on November 7, 1991. I was head of public relations and communications at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and one of my employees came into my office and said, “There will be a press conference in an hour. Magic Johnson has AIDS.”

Of course, that was part of the misunderstanding at the time. Johnson did not have AIDS. Rather, he would

Employees Need Tune Ups, Too!

Posted by Jennifer Engle on January 1, 2000
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While much of the nation is horrified by the recent scandals at Penn State University, they are not surprising in certain ways. Many of the characteristics that the university exhibited in the years leading up to these disclosures are not unique. We have seen them in other embarrassed  institutions, such as the Catholic Church, the military in the U.S. and around the world, many large urban police departments, and others. Do you recognize yourself, your company or your organization in the following practices? If not, you may be so far out of touch with reality that you are setting