Play to Win

Posted by David Morey on January 1, 2000
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“We play to win.” That’s the message of the new website for the Core Strategy Group , a strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping companies succeed through the insurgency model for business and politics. The approach borrows from revolutionary and highly innovative companies and helps leaders win in today’s rapidly changing business environment. “We base our model on the insurgent companies, political leaders and military forces who rewrite the rules in their domain,” says Chairman Scott Miller. “It’s similar to the way coach Bear Bryant described great football players: ‘….mobile, agile and hostile.'” “Every successful business leader today must embrace

I want to be a millionaire.” How many teens have your heard say this? They say this rarely knowing the work that goes into making those millions. You want to make a million doing what? “I don’t know” is often the reply. Some teens want to be successful without the first clue about how to get there almost like they expect it to fall into their lap. Anything worth getting is worth fighting for the old saying goes and being a success no matter how your teen chooses to define that is no exception. Almost nothing is handed to someone

Attitude-Presidential Persistance

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude Exemplified Persistence
Persistence Is Stronger than Failure. Don’t ever give up! Take heart, even Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest presidents, was no stranger to failure. Here is a brief summary of his career:
§ Failed in business                                                      1831
§ Defeated for legislature                                           1832
§ Failed in business again                                          1833
§ Elected to legislature                                               1834
§ Sweetheart died                                                         1835
§ Had nervous breakdown                                        1836
§ Defeated for speaker                                                1838
§ Defeated for elector                                                  1840
§ Defeated for congressional nomination            1843
§ Elected for Congress                                                  1846
§ Defeated for Congress                                                1848
§ Defeated for Senate                                                     1855
§ Defeated for Vice President                                     1856
§ Defeated for Senate                                                     1859
§ Elected President of

We tend to believe that we make our careers out of courage, confidence, talent and skill.  But while those things do help us to enjoy our jobs a lot more, really, it’s all about relationships.  From the first interview with a prospective employer, to the eye contact you make with an unknown co-worker in the hallway, really, it’s all about relationships.  What are you saying?  What is your body language saying?  What information is being given off to others by the way you walk, move, your tone of your voice and the way you look at others.  We tend to

Over The Wall Attitudes

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Upon first hearing of over the wall problem solving, I had thought I would be interested in exploring it in depth, but upon beginning my exploration of this problem-solving technique, my interest was immediatly drawn away. For anybody interested in learning more about this method, and many other sites offer plenty of information. What I learned from my brief study is that it is best if we: Don’t try to rush the process. Having an Attitude of patient acceptance for the Over The Wall technique of problem solving is powerfully effective. This technique uses the problem solving power of

  Christian Groups and Womens’ Issues:     Because of extraordinary events that have happened in my life, I have an insight into understanding how God’s Amazing Plan works those Miracles for all of us. From three events, in particular, that no man could have made happen, I have prepared an outline of what God wants from us, how to have the Grace of God in your life, how to enrich your life and get answered prayers, how to live a life of Peace, Love, and Faith.    

Four Attitude Agreements

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Because I believe our Attitudes can either be our castle or our coffin, and because I also believe our Attitude is our choice, whenever I read something that seems relevant to Attitudes, I think about how it applies to the Attitude I’m currently choosing to have.

The book The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz seems extremely relevant to the subject of Attitudes and our ability to choose our Attitudes. Although one’s Attitude is not the apparent focus of his book, when looked at through “Attitude glasses,” each of the Four Agreements Ruiz discusses applies directly to our Attitude.

Attitudes Have No Boundaries

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Having a humble, helpful Attitude of love and respect toward everyone we touch is the only sensible Attitude.

The idea that there’s a boundary between self and others, that we can see ourselves as valuable and loveable if we are harming someone else, is false and denies the connection that we all share.
The harm in denying our mutual identity is that this Attitude is passed on to new generations of people who never realize their responsibility for the effect their Attitudes have on those around them.
Our mutual identity is clear when it is realized that we

Attitudes of Peace

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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The similarities of Dr. Frankl’s concentration camp experience and my rehab floor experience seem to be unlimited. The similar ways we began our journeys to again having a positive Attitude and being an integral part of society are especially astonishing.

 To get this aspect of my comparison of our experiences started, I’ll first paraphrase from and then quote from Dr. Frankl’s description of the way his journey back began. .
A few days after his freedom is restored, he is walking in miles of flowering meadows. He pauses and looks around him. No one is in sight. Except for

Attitude Momentum-g

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Many psychological similarities mark a prisoner’s time in a concentration camp and a patient’s time on a rehab floor. But, as one might guess, the greater the time since their liberation and their release, the fewer of these similarities exist. Dr. Frankl says that although the prisoners had longed for and dreamed of freedom, when the white flag of surrender raised above the camp’s gates, there were no joyous and jubilant celebrations; the most noted feeling was one of profound relaxation and relief.

 The prisoners wearily walked to the camp gate. Looking timidly around them, and at each other, they