Elvis has left the building and so has the Inflation Genie.  Actually, she made her exit several months ago. Inflation is entirely a monetary phenomenon.  As the late Nobel prize winner in economics, Dr. Milton Friedman, pointed out, inflation is due when you have too much money or credit chasing too few goods.  The Bank of Japan has dramatically increased liquidity to bring their economy back after their devastating earthquake.    Also, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank along with the European Central Bank have both generously increased the supply of money to get their respective economies running again.  To some

Motivational Humor

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
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Motivational Humor Defined

  • The Encarta Dictionary English (North America) defines humor as the ability to see that something is funny.
  • The same dictionary defines motivation as a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody want to do something.

If motivation is what creates interest in enthusiastically  and with commitment pursuing a particular end, and humor is the ability to see that something is funny, than Motivational Humor gives one the ability to find humor in the need to reach a particular end.  

Finding Humor

Finding humor in the need to wash

Comedy Clubs are where I first began realizing how humor can be used as a motivational tool, especially with but not limited to high school students and people with disabilities. Whether they have a Family or a business or both, anyone facing challenges find the courage to face their challenges with gusto when they hear my humorous and courageous description of relearning to walk and talk and drive. The sister of a teenager with disabilities told me that hearing my story and the audience’s enthusiastic response motivated her disabled sister to try to get her drivers’ license back. This

If you look around, most of the successful companies treat their employees like family…a functional family that is!  My core belief is this:  When you go to the hospital to pick up your child and begin to wheel mom and the baby down to begin their lives together…the stork or whichever god you believe in, visits your car in the parking lot and puts a load of bricks into the trunk.  From that moment forward, you have two choices of what you can do with those bricks.  You

COST-DRIVEN VS. PRICE-DRIVEN PRICING—–Cost driven pricing is taking in all your costs and adding a profit margin on what you sell. Price driven pricing is coming up with a price that will cause your product or service to move. It’s usually a lower price, but with that comes less competition. If you get a handle on costs, become price driven and get market share—you will beat out the competition. In the economy we are in for the next decade at least, the model to follow will be price driven pricing.  The GOAL is to get market share. Grow

Sixty Seconds

Posted by Al0703 on January 1, 2000
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What is it that you fear most and what great thing is this fear preventing you from accomplishing?  You will not be able to be all that you are created to be until you can embrace your fear and determine its root cause.  Let me provide an example of what I’m talking about.   In the past I have felt that there was always something preventing me from giving 100% to every project which I have worked.  It seemed that it was easy for me to provide 80 to 85% of my effort but I could never go all out. 

The 7 Deadly Business Sins

Posted by Sanford Kahn on January 1, 2000
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We are all sinners – at least in the business sense.  And, it is hard not to be a business sinner today.  In our current pell-mell state of rushing about putting out current “business fires” it would be beyond the capacity of mere mortals not to make one or more of the so-called business sins.  Knowledge of these seven great business sins will not make you perfect, but can allow you to be a better business manager. 1. WORSHIPING HIGH PROFIT MARGINS If you maximize your profit margins, you’ll also maximize your competition.  High margins mean your competition will lower

Managers at every organizational level agree unanimously that one of the most difficult aspects of leadership is giving people helpful, constructive feedback. When asked why, their answers are wide-ranging. Many even have reasons for not praising people for doing a good job. The most common being “if I reinforce everything they do right, they will want more money at performance review time.” Sure they will! AND, they will want more money if you don’t recognize their good work as well. Yet, managers withhold a powerful motivator – recognition for work well done – because they fear the reaction. They withhold

Where goes the economy?

Posted by Sanford Kahn on January 1, 2000
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Where goes the economy is a good question and the way to analyze it is to keep the analysis as simple as possible.  Approximately 70% of the U.S. economic output (Gross Domestic Product) is based on personal consumption expenditures.   In order for the economy to produce sustainable levels of economic growth above 3% , real income growth must be positive. What is the current situation? In the three months ending in February, 2011 the annualized consumer inflation rate was 5.6%.   That is not a typo.  With the general price increases ripping through our economy since February, it is doubtful the

Fixing health care in America

Posted by David Hubbard on January 1, 2000
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Why it cannot happen unless and until fare more people change their minds and their behavior I believe that the truth will set you free. The truth is that America’s health care system is not broken. In fact, we have the best health care system in the world, bar none! There are, however, adjustments that need to be made. I have not read all of the 2,700 plus pages in the new health care reform bill from the White House but I did read the Cliff Notes. Here is what I took from what I read: Don’t get sick, and