Back in business school we learned that every successful business must master three disciplines: Discipline One: Operations Discipline Two: Finance Discipline Three: Marketing “Operations” means doing what your business does. Do you make cars? You’d better make good cars. If you serve meals, deliver good food and a good time. Walmart sells the same items as other stores, but their mastery of operations, especially distribution, allows them to profit at prices unmatched by their competitors. Meanwhile, a business must be able to finance those operations. This means being able to pay one’s employees and suppliers until the cashflow in exceeds

The positive power of negative thinking is an unusual topic especially in today’s mental mindset society.  But, let’s delve outside-of-the-box for a minute. It is commonly accepted in western thought that a positive mental attitude is necessary and vital to achieve success and advancement. Not true! What is important is to take positive action. Attitudes are like the weather–they are always changing between being very positive and being very negative. Most of the time you are in the twilight zone of not knowing what your real attitude is. Now let’s apply the first paragraph to you in the

If you are in a position that makes it likely that some of your actions could be newsworthy then you need a moral advisor. So if you are a politician, a sports icon, in theater, in film, on television, in music, or you are another kind of celebrity, then you need a moral advisor. The advisor could be a family member, a close friend, an agent, etc. – it just needs to be someone whom you can trust and someone who will not hesitate, even for a second, to tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what

One of the after effects of the industrial age is the reliance that many people have on external motivation. We even teach it to our kids: I will pay you to clean your room. When, what we should be teaching them is: We clean our room because it is a reflection of the people that we are. In today’s economic system, relying on external rewards is becoming much less useful. Yet, I see many people who are depending on cheers and thank you’s from their Facebook and Twitter followers. This leads to a disconnect from how life really works. I

Sometimes I think that one of the principal reasons that we find role models in the news for the wrong reasons is that these role models do not think of themselves as role models. And perhaps they only wake up to realize that they are role models after their names appear in the news because of unacceptable behavior. If the behavior is a minor issue then perhaps not too many people will remember that incident after a few weeks and the role model can continue on unscathed. However, it is ultimately the public who decides whether something is a major

When is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Posted by Al0703 on January 1, 2000
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Just when is good enough, good enough?  For the last six weeks I have been busy creating a set of four audio CD’s which capture the message of my seminar entitled “Straight Talk about Success and Spiritual Growth.” However as I was listening to the final product, I found that I kept going back to change a word here or rephrase a phrase there.  No matter how many times I went back, I kept finding something that I could have done better.  This activity finally made me ask myself: “When is good enough, good enough?” In answering the above question,

The Power Of MONEY!

Posted by Sanford Kahn on January 1, 2000
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There is that old saying that money can not buy happiness.  BUT, on the other hand–happiness can’t buy money either.  Therefore what is the real power or purpose of money?  This question probably has as many answers as there are people. In the business of life the real power of money is that it greases the wheels of opportunity.  It is the wherewithal, the means, that allows one to take advantage of opportunities.  Not matter how smart or clever you are without money or capital it is difficult (not impossible) to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.  Money can

My experience with life in any business environment is, that these three words empowerment, essence and engage, are the most powerful. They support and enhance personal and professional growth for both you and the business within which you are employed. The degree to which you are engaged with your work and your environment from an empowered perspective is the degree to which you will experience fulfillment and healthy dynamics within the workplace. In my initial interviews with clients, regardless of their position, I ask: “What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you?” In quick

Organizations spend a considerable amount of money on mandatory and option employee training. How do they make sure the training stuff is going to stick? The secret is in understanding how our brains create and process memory. Without going into all of the technical neurophysiological details, the essential idea is about emotions. We remember what we feel a lot easier than what we are told. The reason is because emotions alert us to our environment. So, when we have a feeling associated with a memory, we will tend to pay attention to the feeling and look around to see what

Whether self-employed, employed by organizations, whether retired or unemployed, we all engage with companies and organizations that support us or we support them. In our interactions with these organizations, what we are wanting is to experience qualities of dignity, first and foremost. This means being treated as a sovereign individual of value, worthy of respect. I want people to communicate authentically, with curiosity and interest. Disheartened by too many disappointments with customer service representative, HR people and boss who have an agenda above and beyond the notion treating us as human beings, we’ve come to choose to cloak ourselves in