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How Dare You Judge Me!

Posted by Janet Pfeiffer on January 1, 2000
Category: Anger, Blog, Judgement

I‘m reasonably confident in saying that there’s not a person on this planet who has not felt unfairly judged at some point. While we may feel justified in imposing verdicts  on one another, when we are on the receiving end the feeling can be quite hurtful. It is not uncommon to react with anger, defensiveness, arrogance or justification of our actions. I’m not going to elaborate on the reasons why people judge. People can be petty, jealous, and cruel.  Some struggle with issues of insecurity and need to make others look bad in order to feel

Question: What is your strategy for developing your leaders? What is your strategy to insure that every employee knows how they contribute? Are they aware that YOU are aware of their contribution?


IS-IQ: Presenting to 1 or 1000; The Power Opener

It’s 1864: Frederick Douglas, an early African American human rights activist and first black citizen to hold high official office in the US government was scheduled to speak to an audience

One definition of communication is the exchange of information.  A nuisance for many parents is the seeming inability to get their children to respond to their voice or text message. I first heard about the ‘Ignore No More’ app this week, which allows parents to disable a teen’s cell phone unless they call their mom or dad back. This reminded me of a key communications principle we learned in the Army.  At the very end of every operations order, the final specified task for the recipient was written in caps: ACKNOWLEDGE, and you could always find this instruction in the

Corporate Nutrition Lesson Number 7:  That Just One Thing…

That Will Change Your Diet Forever!

Often people ask me, Dr. Steve, if there was just one thing I could do to radically change my diet, what would that be? Here’s my answer-Join or start a Nutrition Club!  Why?  There is power in numbers. We are social animals and the old adage that says:  “It takes a Village” is still 100% true. In my experience, most people struggle making a change in their

In the Olympic Games, sprinters are considered the fastest men and women in the world.  But let’s imagine that an Olympic sprinter competes in a mini-marathon against a long distance runner.  With blazing speed the sprinter will race out to an amazing early lead.  But eventually the sprinter will be passed by the long distance runner. For 440 yards, the quarter horse will beat almost any other breed.  But when the quarter horse competes at a longer distance, like the human sprinter, it will eventually fall behind.  Both the human and equine sprinters have extreme acceleration for a short distance. 

Untreated Mental Illness in the Workplace– a Family Tragedy

I watched my Father work himself to death. His unrelenting stress while working 26 years as a manager for a major electronics’ company’s subsidiary in a small town in Arkansas led to his first heart attack when he was 35. He had three more heart attacks and two heart surgeries over the next 20 years until he was permanently disabled by the time he was 57. He died four years later never seeing his three young grandchildren grow up and to hold his great grandchildren. Dad was mentally ill, too. 

A Leader Development Workshop sponsored by NEST International for Experienced, Mid-level, and Emerging Leaders. Objectives:

  • How to get the most out of yourself and your team
  • How to speak the language Executives speak … and get noticed
  • The difference between Leading and Managing (No, it’s not the title)

What you will take away from this 60-minute info-packed program:

  • Setting and Achieving Goals: Realize principles that support focus and make it easier to prioritize, as well as strategies for time management and work/life balance
  • Increasing Self-Awareness: Discover proven tools that recognize your strengths and limitations and how

Lose Weight Fast with BFI Green Drink!

Go to the Dr. Steve’s Health & Fitness Weight Loss YouTube channel and watch this video- Lose Weight Fast with Green Drink!   Learn how to kick start your return to Vibrant Health and Weight Loss and get that ‘Rocking’ Body Quick and Easy! I am also posting the BFI Green Drink recipe here in this blog article (read more below). Use this powerful fat-burner and health restorative as an important part of my 21 day weight loss Kick Start-It will

Corporate Nutrition Lesson # 9:   Fast Healthy Meals for Busy Lifestyles Part 1–Dr. Steve’s Protein Shakes So I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that life just keeps getting busier and busier.  With a constant on the go lifestyle, it can be a real challenge to eat healthy. My clients tell me that this is one of their biggest obstacles to overcoming chronic health issues and losing weight—And based on the spectacular results they get once I solve this problem for them, I would agree. So in