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Let’s hit this one out of the park!

Sports metaphors infuse the language of business. I bring this up because of some recent meetings with corporations. My approach to these corporations has been that mental training will help their employees (athletes) perform at a higher level. The reply was that while they believed in the concept, there doubt was that someone from the sports world could communicate with many of their highly technical employee’s (geeks and nerds). My answer was a smile. At first I subtly changed the subject to the Seattle Sounders FC because I had

Studies show that more than 90% of people are most motivated by intrinsic motivators—as opposed to extrinsic ones, such as money. In fact, numerous studies show that using money as a motivator can, and often does, act as a disincentive for people, as it also inhibits their creativity. That said, underpaying people is also a disincentive to people. So, how can you best inspire people to feel intrinsic motivation from within? One’s definition of purpose can, and typically is, the most powerful of motivators. Common purpose—one we share with our community—can be most inspirational and propel us to consistently high-level

(This post follows from our themes in previous posts. It might appear to be heresy, but worry not, my capitalism and democracy friends. We discuss here one important part of how we lift capitalism to its high and true potential. This post offers a perspective far too long missed).


What? Surely anyone with a scintilla of understanding of the business of business knows the assertion in this title amounts to blasphemy. Throughout commercial time, it has been an accepted axiom that a seller will sell her/his wares if and only

Build your company using the athlete within you

Build your company using the athlete within youI get this question a


Survey Results

Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Leadership, Leadership Survey

I recently concluded a survey concerning the future of leadership in America.  Eighty-eight businesses and organizations participated in the survey.  Participants included hospitals, automobile manufacturers, school corporations, fast food restaurants, a communications company and various small family-owned businesses.  The questions and responses are below. Question #1-Does your organization have a succession plan to fill leadership roles of those who are soon to retire? 57% of those responding do have a leadership succession plan.  43% do not. Question #2-When it comes to leadership for the future, does your organization look within for potential new leaders or look outside for potential new

Corporate Nutrition Lesson #2:  How to Eat Clean, Stay Lean, and Still Love Your Food!

So I was working the other day with a client who was transitioning away from processed foods and struggling. She said, “I know I could lose weight faster and easily if I could just find a way to make eating clean taste better!” “Dr. Steve please help me replace my cravings for processed foods with whole foods that taste fantastic.  I really want to enjoy my food, still lose weight and not feel like I


SIMPLY … what you can to do to be more successful.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be a better supervisor of people.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more intense.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more aware: continually question what is & see beyond what is apparent.
SIMPLY … what you can do to develop instincts.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more positive.
SIMPLY … what you can do to have more integrity.
SIMPLY … what you can do to find your purpose.
SIMPLY … what you can

After nearly 100 years of established business in New England, a family owned grocery chain fires its CEO, but clerks, managers, vendors, and customers unite in protest.  Why? Servant leader Arthur T. Demoulas, known as Artie T, is the beloved former CEO of DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc.  He treated everyone so well that despite jobs on the line, his employees and customers remain loyal and refuse to cross picket lines. Cousin Arthur S. Demoulas controls 50.5% of the company shares and after a 5-4 vote to replace Artie T. with two new board appointed CEOs, the company has experienced

The idea of having a camera facing front of room pointing towards and instructor is outdated, and not effective as a means for “eLearning.” This is now a form of webinar. The best way to implement such a thing should now be video bytes. I agree, it should be used as one of many tools, and only as a tool. eLearning can and should take many forms to be effective. Also, the medium used depends on the audience, and what you are trying to accomplish. It depends on the material and subject matter. Some things are not at all suited