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The first verse of the Beatitudes in the Bible says, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth.”  Like many others, I always had difficulty with the term meek. To me, it was synonymous with being weak. And yet nothing could be farther from the truth. The word meek comes from the Greek word praus which translates into strength brought under control. In Matthew 11, Jesus refers to himself as meek: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Gentle and



New Directions Leader As Beginner: Part Ten

“Every minute I’m a different man.”

  Have you ever been in a situation where your confidence was shaken? If you’re being honest I know the answer is yes! Since we’ve all been there, how did we get past it, if we ever did? I realize that probably the majority of us who’ve had our “confidence bell” rung, have a tough time climbing back into the ring for more. We figured out that avoidance is less painful. Is it really? Carrying that fear can be exhausting! Let me give you my simple, effective strategy. Let action clear your path. Take little steps that move you in

After years of study about barriers to change and optimization, I have identified 4 core management beliefs that impact profit, culture and change: 1) what management believes about change 2) what management believes about their role in change 3) what management believes about what is possible to achieve 4) what management believes about what is possible to change These beliefs: 1) either limit or maximize profit in ways that equipment and systems cannot do. 2) form and change culture, either for the good or bad. 3) determine if sustainable change happens fast or barely happens at all. Why do these

Leaders know how to follow too; they know that being a team player means setting the example, even if they may not want to … (watch video)   Tom Crea is a Leadership Speaker and Performance Coach who works with groups of managers who want to build teams and lead.  He served a career in the U.S. Army where he specialized in developing leaders, improving communication, and building teams. For more information visit

No matter where you go in life, you’ll find that humans share similar goals: we are all seeking happiness, success, good health, wealth, and love. Some are fortunate to acquired some or all of them. And yet as quickly as we obtain them we can lose them or they can disappoint and hurt us. You study and prepare for the career of a lifetime, reaching the pinnacle of success only to suffer the consequences of a failing economy. At the end of a long day you return home from work to a wonderful family but all you do is bicker

Leadership Stew

Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Integrity, Leadership, Motivation, Vision

Hobo stew, poor man’s stew and Burgoo are delicious dishes that please the palate and fill the tummy.  The cooking of beef, rabbit, chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and other ingredients in the same pot is what gives stew its unique flavor and place in the culinary world.  Looking into the pot, one can easily identify the various types of meats and vegetables called for by the recipe.  When one carrot is removed from the pot to be eaten separately, it still looks and tastes like a carrot.  However, when the carrot is served with the other ingredients in the stew,

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