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Jim Rohn, motivational leader and a man who took himself from rags to riches said, “Learn how to separate the majors from the minors. Most people don’t do well because they major in the minor things.” How do you spend your time? Do you know the 80/20 rule which states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts? The CEO’s of companies know this. They understand that 20% of their customers give them 80% of their sales. They focus their efforts on advertising to the 20% who purchase, not the other 80% who are not

The Dalai Lama, Adam Smith, Pope Francis and the Need For A 21st Century Dominant Mindset. The General Motors Ignition Key and Recall Issues: An Example of the Outdated Mindset In Action! And, What About High Frequency Trading as a Bad Mindset Example? This post describes, at a minimum, how to make capitalism rock and roll, and, by inference, democracy rock and roll. The Dalai Lama will join right in if we all get it right. And, Adam Smith’s teaching will finally be correctly applied, so he would be elated. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) gets credit from me for



New Directions Leader As Beginner: Part Two

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,

How to Pray When You’re Angry

Posted by Janet Pfeiffer on January 1, 2000
Category: Anger, Blog, Prayer

  I begin each day in prayer. It is a vital part of my life. Mine are not the typical “gimme” prayers. I have matured beyond the childish requests of wanting my every wish granted. (With the exception of –  I’m still praying for that pony for Christmas!) I’ve learned that what I’m seeking may not always be in alignment with Divine Will. My prayers now consist mostly of gratitude*, awareness, and alignment**. When praying for others, I ask only that they open their hearts and minds to God, allowing Him to guide them, heal their pain, and restore them

There are more than 20 Laws truly exceptional, breakout leaders inhabit and own. In this article we will discuss the first Law. Others will follow, to be posted twice each week. Brilliant leadership—whether of ourselves or of others—requires a bold, vivid and compelling vision. If we don’t know exactly where we are going, we are like a leaf on the ocean—we end up wherever the breeze of circumstance blows us. But with a clear, compelling vision, one we continuously burn in our imagination and emotions, we have a bright, constant target to habitually move towards. This vision acts like a

A preliminary note is in order. This idea of maximizing long term value is admittedly not new. Some organizations and some business schools apply and teach their versions of it, with some notable success. However, the idea of profit maximization over time has been most often the driving concept in business schools, corporations and certainly Wall Street – and Professor Milton Friedman, an icon to be sure, taught his ideas of this narrow purpose. Ironically enough, long term profit maximization really is most probably an outcome of a laser focus on and culture committed to long term value maximization. We

Leading From Down Under

Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Leadership, Sucess

Australia is commonly called the “Land Down Under.”  It is the land of the boomerang, kangaroo and its nearby neighbor island was once the home of the Tasmanian Devil.  It is the land of the easily identified Sydney Opera House and the home of Olympic gold medal winner Cathy Freeman.  My brother visited there; my nephew studied there.  But I, have never been anywhere near the “Land Down Under.” Leading from down under has nothing to do with Australia.  Leading from down under means that there are times when the leader must support those he or she leads from below. 

New Directions Leader As Mentor

Posted by Robert Elliott on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Leadership, Mentorship



New Directions Leader As Mentor

“When the night has come


Disagreements – those annoying irritations that throw a monkey wrench into our otherwise blissful lives and disrupt any possible chances we have of experiencing serenity and  joy. Augh! “Why can’t people simply agree with me, even if they don’t, and just allow us to coexist peacefully? But, no – regardless of how right I am there are some people who will disagree simply to aggravate me. I can never win an argument and that annoys me even more!” Sound like anyone you know? Have you even given thought to the fact that the majority of issues we argue about are

Want to get the most from and for yourself? I’m talking money, freedom, respect, career, impact, influence, love, you name it—there are common traits and habits that life’s most successful people habitually employ. This series of posts will explore the 30+ habits and traits life’s most successful people intentionally develop and use. First, let’s address the monkey in the room. There are people who are naysayers when it comes to personal development, so I will address that up front. These people believe that self-reflection and personal development are nonsense. But upon examination, these people fall in