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I deny aspects of me that I know to be true – those dark shadowy aspects that if people were to find out about – well, it could mean rejection, humiliation and annihilation. It’s best that I pretend they don’t exist. On the other hand I have a knowing of certain things to be true, yet I deny myself these knowings too. I live in doubt and uncertainty as strategies that diminish my potential power in the world, diminish my light and visibility. In past lives, I’ve probably been murdered or tortured for standing out beyond the norm. “Won’t do

I woke up from a dream this morning that made me question: “Really?” It was only the last few seconds of the dream that seemed so profound. It was a children’s choir – all boys, and they were singing a Christmas song. The only lyric I heard was:  “Gift me with my enemies and my ministers.” This is a pretty profound phrase, especially for a group of youngsters to be singing as a Christmas song.

My Enemies

My enemies infuse me with intense emotions – rage, hatred, vile condemnation and contempt. Judgments are automatic, so much so I don’t

Political Correctness

Posted by Donald Wyant on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Boundries, Communication

    I have been wanting to say something for a long time. To be sure what I want to say has validity, I have spent many months thinking about and researching my thoughts. I want to be extremely sure what I have say is correct.   I have reached the point that I believe what I want to say is correct and valid. However, I am not going to say it or put it on paper. I know I’m guaranteed free speech by the First Amendment of our great United States Constitution. Over the last half of my life

Presence: It seems like a no brainer; aren’t we always present wherever we go? Actually, it’s rare that we are present, in the moment, with our full attention on the individual, the group or task in front of us. Opportunities to have distractions pop up and take our attention away from what we are intending to be attending to. Cell phones, emails, texts, phones, people passing by our office or cubicle – these are the some of the external distractions; what about the thoughts, emotions and body sensations that also pull us off course; the emotions, stress, anger and fatigue;

The definition of adaption: ” To change, adjust or conform to suit a new or different purpose.” Adapting for many people can be difficult because they don’t want to change.   However, the only thing that stays the same in the world are changes, so adapting is necessary for survival not only in business, but also in everyday life.  Technology today is rapidly changing our world. To adapt, is a crucial principle in sports for a team to win, just like in the workforce for a business to survive and thrive.   Pro athletes must adapt to:

  • new players on their

Dysfunctional is a matter of interpretation, isn’t it? What is dysfunctional, how do we know if we and our business are dysfunctional and what do we do about it? Dysfunctional families breed individuals who to some degree are dysfunctional, and without a doubt they bring that dysfunction with them into everything they create; they build friendships, careers, empires around their dysfunction and attract others into their web. At some point, though, as we know with most empires, they all come crashing down, because the limitations that come with their dysfunction will inevitably destroy what they’ve created. Dysfunction essentially means something

TOOL KIT: R.O.P.E.S.:  A must have simple tool for being Proactive It’s easy to be reactive when something happens at work.   Dr. Covey,  author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has as the first Habit:  BE PROACTIVE. He asserts that being proactive “means more than merely taking initiative.  It means that as human beings, we are responsible for our own lives. “ Think about this: “When you choose your actions you choose your consequences!  Imagine if every consequence, positive or negative, that we experience is a direct result of actions we choose. QUOTE: “How people treat you is their karma;

Being popular is actually over-rated. Many people confuse it with leadership. They are not the same. Popularity is about being liked whereas leadership is about being respected.  Mr. Popular focuses on his/her needs whereas the leader is consumed with meeting group goals and objectives. It is a waste of time trying to be Mr./Ms. Popular if you have a desire to be a change agent. I should know since I was Mr. Popular in college.  The person doing keg stands and jello shots in the back of the frat house is not the person you will follow when it is time to accomplish

Make It Better Here and Now!

Posted by Al0703 on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivation

View Make it Better Here and Now on YouTube Hello, Al Spinks here, and thanks for your interest. You know what? I just don’t get it. We live in one of the greatest nations on earth but I feel we’re letting that greatness slip away. From an individual perspective, it seems as if we are yielding to a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. It’s as if we want others to do for us that which we are very capable of doing for ourselves. We want to become rich, famous and healthy over night but have a tendency to become

“I should have more money” “I should be further along in my career” “I should have gotten that job” “I should be healthy” “I should have my retirement in place” “I should be in school” “I should finish school” “I should be married” “I should get a divorce” “I should lose weight” “I should have said something in the meeting” “I should have just shut up” These are just a few ways that our mind is constantly “should-ing” on ourselves. Because we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, it’s impossible to examine each thought to see which ones are “should-ing”