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USING AWARENESS TO CREATE BETTER COMMUNICATION How many times have you thought you were a great communicator only to discover that your efforts failed? As a basketball coach, I thought I delivered my messages clearly, concisely and directly. I was result-driven, focused, and intense, which often scared my players and peers. I actually believed that everybody desired this style of communication and was frustrated when other people failed to get to the point. What I failed to grasp was that this approach did not work with all people, which meant I wasn’t getting the best from my players. It took

Helen Keller and Vision

Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Listening, Vision

Helen Keller said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.”  This amazing insight comes from a lady who could not see, hear or speak!  Jesus of Nazareth said many in this world have ears but cannot hear and eyes but cannot see.  For our purposes, we might add, “Sad is the leader who will not or cannot lead.”  But, let it not be so with those who read these words!   Much of leadership is dependent upon the leader’s ability to have vision, to listen carefully and to interpret what is

Domestic abuse is one of the most serious epidemics modern society faces today. With 1/3 of all women reporting incidences of violence in the home and/or in intimate relationships (this does not reflect the numbers that go unreported nor those of men being abused), no socio-economic group, nationality, gender or age is exempt from experiencing some form of cruelty in their relationships. Every day, in the US alone, three women (and one man) are murdered by their abusive partners. Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence either. It can be verbal,

BLACK BELT LEADERSHIP  Black Belt Leader As Martial Artist: Part Three

“Whoever has the mind to fight has broken his connection with the universe,” my teacher had said again and again. “If you try to dominate people, you are already defeated.” – Terry Dobson, The Famous Tokyo Train Story

Terry Dobson was the first westerner to study Aikido with

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to lead or chair an event, committee or project in your community.  You eagerly accept.  Now where do you begin? You have interest in the project and you like the idea behind the cause but now that you’ve been asked to be in charge you don’t know what to do.  Is this you?  Sometimes we are eager to lead but realize that while we are not lacking in our passion we may be lacking in skills. After all, leadership is a combination of experience, natural ability and skill. You may not have the natural ability or

Workplace Stress: What you can do!

Posted by Eileen Lichtenstein on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Effort, Stress

P1000962 copy Overcome Workplace Stress with Mindfulness Practices

PEOPLE FOLLOW YOU FOR SPECIFIC REASONS Did you know that a recent Gallup research has indicated that people follow leaders for very specific reasons? People described those reasons with astonishing clarity. They were trust, compassion, hope, and stability. In order to have others trust you, you first have to trust yourself. When you initially ask yourself if you are trustworthy, you will probably do what I did and nod your head affirmatively. But when you start asking yourself at a deeper level if you really trust yourself, can you still answer yes? Before you answer that question, take a moment

Most companies struggle with the change process. Even if they have invested in new equipment, expected ROIs often do not materialize and culture seldom changes. Why? Not for the reasons you think. Did you know that your management system is the problem?

Road Rage: Drive to Stay Alive

Posted by Janet Pfeiffer on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Road Rage

Road rage is one of the leading causes of accidents and deaths in this country. According to a report by CNN, an estimated 28,000 people each year are killed due to aggressive drivers. It’s easy to  see how cities such as Miami, NY, Boston, LA, and Washington DC (the cities with the most offenses) have a higher than average number of stressed out, hostile drivers. Yet stress isn’t the cause of road rage as some may believe. If it were, then anyone feeling under pressure who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle would react with

                                                                            Ty Cobb was one of baseball’s greats.  His lifetime batting average was an astounding .367.  He was the last man to hit over .400 in a full season.  It is told that when he was seventy years old, a young sports reporter had the opportunity to interview him.  The reporter asked, “Mr. Cobb, what do you think you would average