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How Thin Are We?

Posted by (Bj) Bonnie Wray-German on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, First Impressions, Judgement

Most people thing they are pretty good at reading people. But, how good are we really? When I am talking to students during my talks, I always tell them they were not created in the 90’s (Or whatever age group I am talking to). They were created thousands and thousands of years ago and these thin slicing skills I speak about have been handed down over time.

My favorite study about thin slicing is from the famous Ambady

THE HEART VERSUS THE HEAD If you were to ask a leader if she was a heart leader, she might look at you skeptically. She might want to know what a heart leader is. Or she might want no part of being a heart leader, because of the assumption that this type of leader is frail, weak, and lacks the ability to discipline. The heart is assumed to be disconnected from the head. It is presumed to be illogical or irrational. After all, the heart has no facts to back it up; it is based on emotions, invisible guidance and



Black Belt Leader as Beginner: Part Seven

“Every time you go up a notch in your career, you start at zero all over again.”

Marian W. Boyd was always dressed in a white blouse, blue, gray or black classic cut skirt and high heels.  She was the first principal of the Southside Elementary School in Shelbyville, KY.  She was feared by most students and even some teachers.  In addition to her commitment to a disciplined student body, Mrs. Boyd was also known as a trailblazer. Mrs. Boyd blazed a trail for the principals that followed her as well as for other schools in central Kentucky.  She was committed to bringing new opportunities and activities to her students.  Mrs. Boyd introduced

If you start on the outside of an onion and peel back one layer at a time, you find another layer underneath. After about 10 layers of onion skin are removed, you wonder if you are ever going to get to the center. Change is like that. You make one adjustment to a process and a problem surfaces that you did not know about. You address that problem and find something else underneath it. Many times the “something” is associated with people, not processes – what people believe, a new reason why choices are made that damage the culture or

“Mastering Your Mission” The Need Every organization has a mission; they share their mission in statement form with every individual in the organization.  This mission statement is essential to the success of the organization as a whole. The mission unites the organization, gives clear vision, direction and pushes it to new heights. It enables all employees to work for a universal purpose and a common goal.  The company mission statement not only unites the organization, but can motivate and excite all employees to deliver extraordinary results and exhibit superior performance.  Most organizations, both

How many times have you defined yourself by something you have not done? Maybe you count the number of clients you lost rather than the number you have gained. Maybe you look at your past and think of all the ways you didn’t quite get to the top or maybe you are much smarter than I was and you’ve always looked at the best of things. ME? I had a habit of looking at my failures rather than my successes. I was the valedictorian at the University of Charleston, BUT WHAT DID I SAY? “It was a small school. I

Customer Service GURU

As an author, speaker and expert trainer on customer service I often get the following question asked in my classes or presentations:

How can I influence a customer other than low price?

Answers are:

Realize that people like to buy but don’t want to be sold

Make their lives easier by going the extra mile

Over compensate for your mistakes

Practice your values and principles even when no one is looking

Do not take advantage of their vulnerabilities

Earn trust and loyalty through rapport, tact and empathy

National Disability Employment Month

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Disabilities

Disabilities and Employment 

  The theme of the 2013 celebration of Disability Employment Awareness Month: “Because We are Equal to the Task” capture the vital role expectations play in our successes as individuals as well as a society.

L’Arche Farm workers with Disabilities

The celebrations across the country during this great

In 2009, I wrote an article titled “The Death of Projects”. In it, I talked about factors that negatively impact project ROIs, Timelines, Contingencies, Completion, etc. Here is an excerpt that describes the progression of typical improvement activities at most companies: “Improvement teams were formed and regular team meetings commenced. Data was collected and analyzed to confirm each problem. So far…so good! But…when action plans were proposed to fix problems that had been identified, cooperation between departments began to fall apart and commitments were made that were not kept. Completion dates for several projects were moved forward by several months;