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“He has left him for a little while.” Isa. 54:7

One of the realities that is common to all persons is the experience of the creative storm called temptation.  Dietrich Bonhoffer wrote:
“Temptation is a concrete happening which juts out from the course of life.”
The use of the noun ‘concrete’ in Bonhoffer’s statement is powerfully redemptive.
The word ‘concrete’ is from the Latin concretus, and means to grow, or be solid; from com,-together, and crescere, to grow…or having a material, perceptible existence.  In other words, temptation is

The evidence that supports the causal link between mind-body interaction is indisputable.  “The extent to which we love ourselves determines whether we eat right, get enough sleep, smoke, wear seat belts; exercise and so on. Each of these choices is a statement of how much we care about living…self-love has come to mean only vanity and narcissism,” writes Bernie S. Siegel.

Dr. Siegel also states that the above decisions control about 90 percent of the factors that determine our state of health.  We have the ability to construct narratives of our lives based upon experiences and our experiences along with

It is the rare individual who has never experiences temptation.  Temptation is not chaos, it is however, the threshold that threatens to undo the sacred self that one has so carefully constructed by formal education and social intercourse.

The use of the term temptation is to remove a primal and intrinsic experience from the psychodynamic milieu.  Long before humans were psychological they were religious.  By this, I do not mean to lock temptation within the constraints of mere religion, on the contrary, it is to liberate temptation from sacrosanct jargon to where it appropriately belongs – the common experience of all persons.

On November 2, 2002 at the Thirteenth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the International federation for Psychoanalytic Education Thomas Szasz, M.D. delivered an address with the provocative title, “The Cure of Souls in the Therapeutic State.”

The title of his address intrigued me because he used the timeless designation for pastoral care and practice ‘Cure of Souls.’  In his speech Szasz strips away the hallowed pseudo-medical regalia of the psychoanalytic enterprise and reveals its definitive social and professional meaning.

He appropriately addresses Freud’s “many contradictory teachings and the diverse practice’s he engaged in, calling them all ‘psychoanalysis.'”  Szasz further states:  “We know the term is

Overwhelmed? Stop!

Posted by Walter Jackson on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog

You’re trying hard to keep up.

The world seems a busier place, and there is so much noise.  The voices of politicians, groups, family, friends, co-workers, and supervisors are all rattling around in your head.  And the noise can seem deafening.  Global warming, shootings, Mars landing, Syria’s war, elections and on and on.

Where are you in all of this?

It may seem harder and harder just to find you.


Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, just STOP.

Close your eyes from reading this blog and stop.

Allow yourself to exhale.

You are

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. has this challenging statement in his book “Love, Medicine, & Miracles.”  He writes: “…negative conditioning is all too common.  Over the years I’ve found that my patients tend to get the same diseases as their parents and to die at the same age.  I think conditioning (I call it “psychological genetics”), because I’ve seen people change the scenario once they become aware of it.”  This is a very powerful and compelling statement and makes us aware of the silent and abiding component of our early childhood environment in determining who we are.

Our thinking about who

Team Building

Posted by Jane Ohenhen on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog

Team building as described by Wikipedia the free encyclopedia is a wide range of activity that pursue improvement of team performance for a verity practices that vacillate from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations, retreats designed to develop group assessment and dynamic. Exercises are often useful for team building. However, team building should also include insight into realistic problem-solving and decision making exercises, organizational structure and organizational responsibility. The importance of team building especially at the upper and middle level management level are often expected to yield positive and measurable results. Therefore upper management level most set realistic goals setting

Conflict Resolution and Team Building

Posted by Bud Bilanich on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog

Teambuilding and Team Training Business is a team sport. Your people have to have the skills to work effectively in a team environment. That’s why teambuilding and team training are so important. Trust is the glue that holds teams together. The more team members trust one another, the more they will perform well as a team. The trust that takes a while to build can be broken quickly – especially when team members find themselves in conflict. Successful teams resolve conflict in a positive manner. No matter how interpersonally competent, or how easy-going team members are, they will inevitably find

Man Up Boy!

Posted by Adekemi Oguntala on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog

We went kayaking. Normally we’re in the same kayak, but he wanted his own this time. He stopped. In the middle of the river with a guide and all, he just stopped. All I heard was my son complaining that this and that hurt as the guide and the rest of the group kept going. The guide had to come back and get us.” You can hear the disappointment and possibly embarrassment as Dad tells the story. He wanted him to be a man and yet his son was a boy. A boy who protected from the life challenges that

9- 11, Anniversary of Loss

Posted by Adekemi Oguntala on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog

For the children of those who died on that earth shattering day, September 11 is an anniversary of loss. The memories of loved one (s) who died although always present in their mind, may become more painful as September 11 approaches. Although this date is an anniversary for the country, for those who lost someone that day, it is a personal anniversary of loss. A loss that may feel like it occurred that day rather than nine years ago. It is important to remember that although distant support systems appreciate that there is an anniversary of loss approaching that they