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Winners’ Attitudes Succeed

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog, Sucess, Sucess

The Encarta Dictionary doesn’t say anything about attitude when it defines success. It says somebody is successful if they’re wealthy, famous, or powerful because of a record of achievement. To me, a Winners Don’t Quit attitude is essential to a successful life.

 If Encarta’s definition of success is complete than some of Hollywood’s most well known and richest actors are completely successful, but in order to see some of these “stars” as successful, certain parts of their public/private lives have to be ignored.
Such as,
Headlines like: ” Detectives examining alleged extortion attempt by Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend”

Your teen has so many fears and worries. They are worried they won’t have friends, they won’t live up to your standards and disappoint you, they won’t meet their own goals, they won’t be somebody, anybody. They are worried they won’t be good enough. But I think I’m still trying  figure this crap out Thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn’t This f**king black cloud’s still follows me around But it’s time to exorcise these demons These motherf**kers are doing jumping jacks now! Your teen is learning pieces at a time how to be an adult:

Winning Attitude Prerequisites

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog

Since my strong, pre crash self image was based on what I had and what I did, when my crash changed what I had and what I did, it also changed who I was. I didn’t know who I was. My crash stole my identity. I needed a new self.

We’ve all heard someone say, “If I could live life again, I’d do it differently. I wouldn’t waste so much time. I’d really apply myself to my goals.” Have you said that? I know I have.
Well, here was my chance, I was starting over. I had all

Choose A Winning Attitude

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog

Why are we who are we?   Are we products of our environments? Our families? Our friends? Our possessions? Our choices? The situations we’re born into? Our inherited intelligence and tendencies? Our likeability? Our willingness or our willfulness? Our luck or our lack of luck? What we choose to focus our energy on? Who we associate with?   We’re not responsible for the disabilities we’re handed at birth or by fate. We are responsible for how we react to them. We are responsible for what we do with our abilities. It is our ability to choose our attitude.   My

Winning Challenged

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Acceptence, Attitude, Blog, Optimism, Sucess

    “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” –M. Kathleen Casey   Have you ever asked for something you ended up not wanting? I not only asked to see Harborview Hospital’s chief neurosurgeon, I insisted on it. Finally he visited my room. He was a big rough-looking man, but as he stood beside my bed, he looked more like a truant student called into the principal’s office. My speech was garbled. I had to point to letters on an alphabet board to ask him how long he thought it would take before I could walk and drive again.   The

A Winning Drive to Drive

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog, Empowerment, Winning
My thoughts used to be a lot younger. 30 years ago, like any 18 year old guy who spends thousands of dollars customizing his Camaro, I loved to drive! Even a motorcycle crash leaving me brain damaged and half paralyzed couldn’t keep me from driving.
But Harborview Hospital doesn’t have a driver retraining program, plus my doctors were saying I’d never be able to drive again. So, after my release, I visit a Seattle hospital that does have a driver retraining program.They ask for my records. A doctor examines them and says: “I’m sorry, you won’t be able to

Winners Don’t Quit-No Matter What!

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog, Winning

Al Foxx  

Jun 24 |10:55

Thirty years ago, I brace myself, grip my cane and look up the long sidewalk that climbs the hill in front of me. Cool fall air whistles over my teeth as I suck my lungs full. The sun shines behind me and my long shadow stretches up the hill. This new spring morning seems so fresh and alive that optimism tries to crowd out the negative feelings that weigh me down like a mule forced to pull an overloaded wagon.

The doctors say I’ll never walk without a cane, but I have to walk without a cane. It’s not about proving them

Why Corporate

Posted by Andrea Mathews on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog, Relationships

Did you know that, when it comes to the reasons why people get fired in America, poor attitude, rudeness to coworkers and not “fitting in” rate higher than poor performance?  Each of these three has to do with relationship skills.  And did you know that ineffective relationship skills very often become ineffective performance skills?   Worse than that is this:  None of us went to a “Relationship Skills 101” course as we were growing up.  In fact, most of us just picked up the ineffective relationship habits of our parents and family members without any idea about how dysfunctional these

While your teen is growing up they want to be more like the teens around then rather than stick out. Call it human nature. They discover as they get older and out there in the real world that the thing that make them different often brings them the most reward. When your teen looks at people that make the cover of magazines, they can forget the struggle they undergo to get there. Honestly, they probably don’t even consider the challenges and neither do most of the adults looking at the magazine either. Cindy Crawford in the Sports illustrated magazine swim

No one likes a lecture least of all teens. If they feel you about to pounce they will sigh, roll their eyes or simply ask you to stop with a, “please not now.” The one that gets you to hurry along is the, I know, I know, I know, it’s a good way to get you to stop talking because who likes to be interrupted? But before you stop talking make sure your teen really knows what you’re talking about otherwise you may end up leaving with a false sense of security about your teen’s wealth of knowledge. The nature