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Cooperate VS. Collaborate

Posted by Alicia Marie Fruin on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Collaboration

Does your staff cooperate or collaborate with you? As small business owners, we move fast, change course, and shift gears daily. Operating a small business demands that we have the ability to be flexible and change as needed. What about our employees?  How flexible do they need to be? How informed? How engaged in the success of the business? How do we know they are aligned with us and the business vision? Sometimes we overlook informing, including, asking or collaborating with our employees. We are often satisfied with cooperation from our employees, unaware of what is possible if we instead

When you think of your board of directors, you should immediately think of leadership.  After all, what is leadership for a nonprofit organization?  The answer is – leadership is the board of directors.  MVP Seminars understands this, and that is why they have a nonprofit specialist on board. There are three aspects of board leadership that are important to fulfilling their fundraising responsibilities:

1.  Composition

2.  Organization

3.  Motivation

Board composition consists of the recruitment of members.  There are many do’s and don’t’s to compiling a board of directors. 

From:  Karen, Montgomery, Alabama Dear Dr. Rosie I work as an HR person in a medium sized company here in Montgomery. I love my work because I get to use coaching skills to not only empower employees’ productivity but also create an environment that is fun and highly effective. Lately, though, the employees have been bringing me more challenging issues. I’m having to intervene in a way that feels forceful and imposing rather than my more usual style of empowering them through inquiry to take actions on their own behalf. Because there’s potential for harming themselves or being harmed by

“There are people who will always come up with reasons why you can’t do what you want to do.  Ignore them!” Words of wisdom passed to me by my father and they have guided me through ownership of three corporations and a university presidency!  Leadership is not easy – and it’s not a popularity contest. While challenging and invigorating, it also demands discipline. Speaking to bankers, corporate executives, higher education trustees and many other groups, I have outlined some of the pitfalls and benefits of effective leadership.  Responsible positions of leadership, especially in today’s society,  where everything is moving at

It’s all the rage and the statistics are astounding.  More than 300 million people worldwide are active participants on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace, and Hi5.  The growth rate of usage among these five is 50% per month combined.*

The demographics also bear some weight – more than 67% of the global online community subscribes to a social networking site. More than 45% of MySpace users are over the age of 26, and they average 4 hours per month on the site.  Social networking and blogging is the 4th most popular Internet activity.*
However, time is your biggest challenge when it comes to web

The Middle Way

Posted by Alicia Marie Fruin on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Boundries

The middle way is very simple. Keep it simple, and you will find the balance you have been yearning for. All extremes are fear-based and destructive. Should you eat all the time?  Well no, that would not be good for you.  Should you stop eating all together?  No, that would not be good for you. I could ask you the same questions around exercise,  work, play, relationships and on and on.  From science, we know that if you pull a pendulum 30 degrees to the right it will swing 30 degrees to the left. You do not need a philosopher

Life is easier with Attitude control

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog

Life is easier when we control our own Attitudes! Attitude control is the ultimate freedom. Lack of Attitude control is a self constructed prison. th occasional setbacks. My emotional reactions gradually became socially acceptable a number of years ago. Until then, controlling my emotional reactions seemed impossible.  

From what I could tell, voc rehab was designed to get free labor out of people with disabilities. Having me count and label medical supplies, everything from catheters to syringes wasn’t giving me any marketable skills but it was eliminating the need for the hospital to pay someone else to do it.

Profit or Loss Attitudes

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Attitude, Blog
The pavement is coming at me faster than I might like, but it keeps coming. I’m limping down the hill I’m about to turn around and climb. There’s no lack of hills; the up and down neighborhood surrounding my condo makes for some great morning walks, but this particular hill is the longest and the steepest around. I love the effort it demands. I strain to slow my descent. It’s like I’m on a concrete conveyor belt.

I’m having a flash back to 30 years earlier. I was doing the same thing, hobbling around the block. One notable difference

Attitude Solutions

Posted by Al Foxx on January 1, 2000
Category: Addiction, Attitude, Blog

Because Attitudes of addiction can have holds of supernatural power, sometimes they scream for a solution. This post is about the solution that people, who know through personal experience, say is the only lasting solution that they found. Addictive Attitudes can involve anything from drugs and alcohol to food or selfish, self serving behaviors. The one in the grip of addiction may give up on living a happy or productive life and throw themselves into self-destructive behavior.

Family and friends may give up on the addicted and their “insane” Attitudes. They may distance themselves, saying the addicted ones are a waste of their time.

From Aline, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Dear Dr. Rosie, I’m always amazed at what you bring to your column. You touch the heart and soul of who we are under all the layers of doing what we do, in our lives and in our work. For eight years I’ve been a director for a medium sized company. I see so much more potential for the company and for the people who work here. I want to practice being more authentic and present with my direct reports. I want to leave them with dignity. I want to practice being open, engaged and