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As of April 1, 2016, California employers will be subject to new anti-discrimination and anti-harassment regulations,  which are intended to conform the existing regulations however, several critical differences have been determined in recent court decisions:


As I work with leaders, especially those being primed for higher roles, I find they often communicate and work from three perspectives: the Peer Leader, the Hesitant Leader, and

We all have challenging people in our lives yet unfortunately few of us have been properly trained in how to effectively deal with them. Well, that’s going to change today. In no particular order, using the an acronym “C~U~R~B  Appeal”, you will learn tips that will better enable you to get along with difficult people. C: Consequences  Very often when we are dealing with challenging individuals we fail to set limits and boundaries. We may be comfortable speaking up and addressing their inappropriate behaviors or attitudes. Additionally we might also comment on how we

OK, this is it,  the countdown. This is the next-to-last installment of our scintillating mini-series on the EEOC and Workplace Retaliation. You’ll only catch it here. It’s not in theaters or on T.V. It’s not even on

Recently a 43 year old man and father of seven, Keith Lamont Scott, was killed by police in Charlotte, NC. As is often the case, there are conflicting reports as to what actually happened. Currently, an investigation by a separate state agency is taking place to determine if this shooting was warranted or was an act of racial profiling. In any event, investigations of this nature can take months to complete. In the meantime, people are up in arms about another killing of a black man that, for many, appears racially motivated. Police in riot gear are trying

We’ve already talked about how the EEOC defines the different elements of a retaliation claim. While the Enforcement Guidance offers some clarretaliationlaboremploymentlawnavigator-comification, it also defines those elements very broadly. Many feel that the Enforcement Guidance

 “There is a thin line between the impossible and the possible - that is determination,” Nigerian writer Ogwo David Emenike wrote. If you have read my blog posts over the past couple of years, there should be no doubt that my mission in life is to end mental illness stigma. It can be a real killer of humans and a disaster for business. We are in another Presidential election season. One of the issues is the economy, as usual. Instead of thinking about losing businesses to other countries, lets focus for a moment on

We all seek to be powerful. I’m not speaking necessarily about having authority over others but we certainly want to have control over our own lives. Yet even the most well-intentioned, enlightened person wants to control a particular situation or individual at times. Certainly, parents impose their authority over their children which is not necessarily a bad thing. Children, especially those who are young and immature or who may be developmentally slow, are not fully capable of making responsible decisions for themselves and rely on the judgment and guidance of the parents to do so for them.  For

The term “Diamond Formation Leader” originates from the diamond shape that is achieved when four airplanes fly in perfect formation position in three-dimensional space. I had the good fortune to be part of these diamond formations during my military aviation career. Getting into that perfect position for a moment is something that can be learned by applying proper procedures. When moving through the airspace, conditions constantly change. Wind is shifting, visibility is changing with the angle of the sun and clouds in the sky. Every little thing, like altitude, temperature, humidity, etc. make a difference in the environment.   Initially,