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There is something about the country of Tibet that has always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s the beautiful landscape along crystal blue waters or the unique architecture of its oriental style buildings. Or more importantly a group of monks that call this country their home are known for their serene way of life. They seem unaffected by the modern day stresses and anger that the rest of us are subjected to while residing primarily in a state of bliss. What is the secret to their joy? Researchers conducted a study of Tibetan monks and found that there are seven

You probably know it’s illegal under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) for employers to discriminate against workers over 40 years old. You may also know that large groups of over-40-year-old workers can sue as a group, and file what is known as a class-action lawsuit. Occasionally,  a class-action lawsuit will involve sub-classes, i.e. smaller classes within the class.  Can employees do that under the ADEA? Can there be a class of similarly situated over-40 year-old workers, and, say a sub-class of 50 and over workers? Maybe… What might that mean for employers? It seems the jury’s still out

Workplace bullying is quite prevalent in many organizations across the nation and it can have significant impact if appropriate actions are not taken to prevent it. This is a responsibility that needs to be shared by both the employees and the management staff. They all have a role in making sure that an appropriate professional environment is maintained at all times, and that is why it is critical that all employees as well as the management team are appropriately trained to minimize impacts from incidents of workplace bullying. It is important for employees to learn what kinds of things can

If you’ve read my book, The Secret Side o f Anger, or attended one of my lectures on the topic, you know that while there are thousands of events that can trigger anger, there are actually only three root causes: hurt, fear, and frustration. In any given circumstance, you can trace anger back to one or more of these causes. For the purpose of today’s show, I’ve going to cover seven erroneous belief systems and/or behaviors that fuel our outrage, how we can relinquish them, and what we will gain by doing so.

Most severely mentally ill people want to work yet 80% are unemployed nationwide. Why? Consider that many of us fear stupidity on the part of the employer and give up on looking for work. A friend told me this horror story about her last job: “I started on a new job six months ago and when my manager overheard me talking about being bipolar, he called HR so that I would be transferred in another department because ”bipolar are too unstable and violent”. Four hours later, the access codes to his files, electronic agenda, contacts were revoked

I think the majority of people would agree that it’s unhealthy to live in the past. After all, we’re all familiar with the new age philosophy, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present”.  Living in the past holds us back from being able to embrace the present moment. People hold on to childhood fears, adolescent pain, betrayals, bitterness, anger, etc. Even in terms of fond memories: very often when the present is difficult we are quick to recall “the good old days” when life was theoretically

Doctors Associates Inc, owner and franchisor of Subway, recently entered into a voluntary agreement with the US Department of Labor.  That’s nice. Or is it? That, of course, depends on what the agreement says and who is looking at it.  The agreement purportedly is part of Subway’s “

Less than two weeks ago (August 29, 2016 to be precise) the EEOC issued a final Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation claims under the different laws it enforces. Those laws include: Title VII of the Civil Rights stopretaliationhrwatchdog-calchamber-net

We’re all influenced by those around us and by what is occurring in our lives. Something as simple as the  weather can affect how we feel. A cloudy, rainy day can take an otherwise cheerful person and transform them into a gloomy Gus of sorts. Being stuck in traffic can alter one’s mood from that of excitement for what begins as a day filled with great anticipation to one of frustration and agitation. Moods can be uplifted or crushed by outside circumstances and once that occurs it can be very difficult to regain the positive

We wereretaliationahead-gsblaw-net in the middle of the EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance on Workplace Retaliation last week. We left off discussing