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Not long ago the heart was believed to be merely a muscle that received deoxygenated blood and pumped out oxygenated blood (liquid tissue) through the body. As a pastoral counselor I have many opportunities to talk about the ‘heart’ in a spiritual capacity.  In fact, the Greek word for ‘heart’ is kardia.  This word refers to the soul of an individual which is comprised of the will, conscience, intellect, and the emotions. Recent research in such areas as neuro-cardiology, bio-physics, and electro-physiology are now amassing an impressive amount of data to suggest that this is not merely a pump.  Scientists

The physician-theologian Luke recorded a very extraordinary narrative in chapter 13:10-13 of his Gospel document.  The narrative report begins by stating that Jesus had been teaching in a synagogue on a Sabbath day.  It was both his custom, and practice to teach on the Sabbath day. Luke records that while Jesus was teaching, a woman appeared in the synagogue who had a very interesting  medico-spiritual condition.  She had a Spirit of infirmity (weakness) that had been with her for eighteen years; and this Spirit of infirmity  had caused her to have a chronic condition that made her “bowed together”.  She

The evening sunsets on the Aegean Sea were always wonderful experiences.  They always took on a greater importance after John and I had long discussions about what he should write to the adelphoi (brothers and sisters) in Asia Minor who were being challenged by certain teachings. Our discussions of grammer, syntax, theology and precise written expression at times left me mentally and emotionally drained.  Sometimes after long hours of work I would tell John that I needed to relax and get refreshed.  He would always nod knowingly, smile and say, “go and watch the sunset.”  I would get up wearily

  1. Worshipping High Profit Margins—When you try to maximize your profit margins you will also maximize your competition. Instead of focusing on profit margins, focus instead of increasing your Free Cash Flow (FCC). This is defined as income from operations minus capital expenditures. Use FCC to obtain market share.
  2. Financially Starving the Opportunities & Feeding the Problems—we are all victims of inertia. Old problems keep you stagnant whereas new opportunities are potentials for growth and can bring in much needed revenue and new customers.
  3. Neglecting the Top Line (Sales)–Unless your sales and revenue are growing, your bottom line will eventually

There is a revival of interest in Bernie Madoff now that the eminent TV program 60 Minutes profiled his family (Oct. 30, 2011). It is a reminder to us all about the value of reputation. I give a speech on branding. I ask my audience if they could imagine the image that their own name would conjure. I then list the following names and show their pictures:

  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Mother Theresa
  • Martin Luther King
  • Hitler!

The flinch at that last name is palpable, especially after the admiration and good will expressed for the others. (Stop and think: When

The surest thing about a sure thing is that there is no such thing as a sure thing. When the sure thing turns doubtful, the damage done by a trend reversal is extensive.  Just think about the U.S. housing market.  People always thought that housing prices have only one direction and that was up.  Surprise! There can be no such thing as a sure thing because all movement in life is turbulent.  Turbulent flow has no predictability.  All you can know about the future is that it will get here when it gets here.  You can not see its shape,

Wisdom and Celebrities

Posted by temp-admin on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Wisdom and Common sense

Those who manage events which include celebrities, those who manage entities which employ celebrities, those who are agents for celebrities, and the celebrities themselves, all need to use wisdom and common sense as their guides in situations involving celebrities. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that the combination of large amounts of money and the use of wisdom and common sense go hand in glove as they always should. The behavior of event managers when making decisions about the management of events, should always include a thorough plan that involves thinking through all the varied possibilities that might occur leading up to

I keep going to seminars on the local media, not because I don’t know much (I actually am quite adept at them), but because I keep learning more. So can you, if you add awareness to relatively little effort. I am the sort of person who goes to a party and does what is commonly known as “working a room.” I don’t that term, mainly because it is often used as a pejorative. But actually, I socialize at parties because I am genuinely interested in meeting new people and learning more about the people I already know. Similarly, that is

Many of us are feeling helpless these days as the world changes around us. However, I believe that we can predict what is coming reasonably well if we develop a future-oriented mindset. To do that, we can learn from the great science fiction and fantasy writer, H. G. Wells (1866 – 1946). His keen observations of scientific phenomena, combined with logic and math, allowed him to predict a number of trends and developments over the course of the 20th century. Wells was considered to have an overall accuracy of as much as 80 percent, His predictions covered a wide range

New Movement!!!

Posted by Captain Dennis Steele on January 1, 2000
Category: Blog, Communication, Cooperation

In listening to the media frenzy over the newest wall street movement it shows how we as a nation have come to regard our political system as being inadequate  for the times we now live in. Most people are finding the american dream hard to have in this economy. With increases in the price of food and gas it leaves little for anything else.  And most if not all feel as though we have become the working class poor. But with the politicians fighting and working on there own agenda instead of what will get this country back on its