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Rock, opera, bluegrass or more could be added to the title of this communication. Persons who compose and perform these differing styles of music have found their place in the world of music. Occasionally, a rock musician will play or write bluegrass. But his or her strength is the rock genre. Occasionally, a classical guitarist might play jazz. But his or her strength is classical. When it comes to leadership, each person has a style in which he or she is most comfortable and most productive. However, just as a musician occasionally has to play a style other than his or her own, leaders must

Charisma is often defined as having the confidence to be fully yourself – your most engaging, most charming, most energetic, attractive, vibrant and alive self.

The idea of Charisma Training came to me, the direct result of a two-day workshop I did with the Marketing Director of a major corporation and his team. While discussing the topic of charismatic communication, and how it applies to personal development and public speaking, the director made an interesting comment. He said, “Who I am at work is very different from the person I am at home.”


Would Others at Your Workplace Say You Manage Your Emotions Confidently – And What’s the Real Story?

Deflated footballs, Ebola virus, health insurance, bigger workloads, changing environments, differing personalities and generations; there are so many things to be concerned with in today’s workplace. Any and/or all of these are legitimate issues that each of us deal with on a daily basis, things that lend to stressors – and more. It’s not just in the workplace, these issues also bleed into our lives away from work. So the question is, how do you cope with these stressors; how well do

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My Fit to Fat Story…Up 30 Lbs. in 1 year-Ouch!

Hi Dr. Steve here and  I’d like to share with you the story behind the inception of the Belly Fat Inferno Natural Weight Loss Program.  I  want you to know why I am so

Remember when the rule in the military about gays serving was “don’t ask, don’t tell”?  Now that gay men and women serve openly in the armed services, the rule seems to apply to workers who have major depression or another mood disorder. “Jim” (not his real name) called me recently about his struggle with major depression and how his employer treated him after he disclosed it to his supervisor. “Jim” is retired military and currently works as a civilian contractor for one of the service branches. “I can’t concentrate,” he told me, “and I have to miss a lot of

Your Name – The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Say by Laurie Burton   How do you say your name?  Most people answer this question by saying, “I don’t know, I just say my name.”   Your name is the single most important element you present in selling yourself and your product. It’s the first step in personal development. Your name is who you are.  Doesn’t it follow that you would want to say it in a manner that makes a statement about who you are?  It is the most important thing you’ll ever say about yourself—anything you want people

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Happy Valentine’s Day-Love Your Body & It

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The Truth about Cardio and Other Fat Loss Myths

Hi Wellness Warriors. Dr. Steve here reaching

(c) 2015 Mark T. Sorrels As a child I enjoyed connecting dots on a page that when completed resulted in an image which then could be colored. These “dot to dot” pages were often published in coloring books. Part of the excitement that accompanied this exercise was trying to figure out what the picture would look like when I had finished. As a child, I could not beforehand see what the end result would be. All I saw were many black dots on a white page. But a mature individual could look at the page and immediately know if the