Marian W. Boyd was always dressed in a white blouse, blue, gray or black classic cut skirt and high heels.  She was the first principal of the Southside Elementary School in Shelbyville, KY.  She was feared by most students and even some teachers.  In addition to her commitment to a disciplined student body, Mrs. Boyd was also known as a trailblazer.

Mrs. Boyd blazed a trail for the principals that followed her as well as for other schools in central Kentucky.  She was committed to bringing new opportunities and activities to her students.  Mrs. Boyd introduced science fairs, student government, school festivals, drama and athletics to the student body.   In today’s educational culture, these things might seem insignificant, but at a school in the 1950s and 1960s with no gymnasium, no P.E. teacher and never before having had student government or a science fair, these were giant steps into areas to which the school had never before journeyed.  Marian W. Boyd’s vision and boldness blazed a trail that now has been travelled by many.  She was a trailblazing leader

What types of trails need to be blazed in your industry or area of discipline?  What skills and passion do you have to help blaze one of those trails?  Good leadership calls us to have vision and to be willing to take the risks to blaze new trails for those that will follow.  Good leaders are trailblazersDon’t wait: sharpen your axe and begin blazing a new trail that allows others to improve and enjoy their lives and jobs.