Parenting is a difficult task for humans and animals alike. Besides difficulties in rising their next generation, humans and animals alike have lots in common in child rearing. My new book titled “Mothers: Who Are They?” is an appreciation for parenting challenges experienced by animals and human alike if their next generation is to survive. Also outlined in this book is the hardship and difficulties of parenting in a tough world. This book outlines positive attributes shared by both humans and animals for the next generation to survive. This book is an appreciation for attachment parenting practice by animals in their natural inhabitant to ensure their next generation survives into adulthood. Parenting is a cooperation of the entire family as each individual has a role in the family circle. The eagle for instance would tell you that parenting is a serious issue by both father and mother eagles. If one eagle parent dies, the other eagle parent abandons the nest and the next generation all perish.

One might wonder, what does parenting has to do with managing a large cooperation or a small mom and pop corner store. A great deal! A happy parent (if you have children) is an understanding boss or makes a better CEO or chairperson is the family unit is positively reflective. If work and home become overwhelming, life itself become depressive. Therefore upper managers, CEOs and chairpersons must learn to balance their life, have one employee, an aide or that one special person in their lives that will ensure they balance their life between work, family, friends and recreation to ensure life satisfaction. There is no vacuum in space as the saying goes. CEOs, Chairpersons and others must incorporate their family life or other aspects of their lives that are important to them in harmony with everything else in their busy life. That special person must be employ to ensure that a balance life is the rule, not the exemption to ensure the survival of the next generation whatever that next generation is to each individual. The next generation that needs to survive may be the next step in the career of the CEO/Chairperson in their career path. Every aspect of life for a CEO has a connection and should be well rounded. When a given aspect suffers, somewhere along the line, other aspects are likely to follow suit. Hence the need for coordination and need for life balance in a seemly busy schedule by an aide who would ensure needed coordination.

In the human arena, the father as well as the mother including the babies has a role within the family circle. There have been cases where a baby on the way stopped a division within the family unit. The new born child, the care givers who will baby sit the child, the friends the child will play with in the future, teachers as well as the grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and other interactions would leave a mark on the child as he/she grows. This also is true of a CEO/chairperson. Upper mangers and CEOs leave their marks on employees in the same manner employees leave their mark on them. Reflectively, the CEO may rightly compare his/her industry as an entity to a large family with lots of extensions that must be protected if the next generation is to survive. Learning starts before a child is born and continues throughout life. This is also true of the work of a CEO and other upper managers life itself is a learning process. Hence it is important that a CEO balances his/her life just as a child especially in the human arena gets lots of interaction from family, friends, school and others as much as possible. Positive interactions are unbeatable for a new born child; but reading to a child, priceless. In the same manner, positive interact, hard work and busy schedule is imperative for CEOs and other high ranking officers and life balance, priceless.

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