Ready to jump
A Table
Start the Week
Let’s Get This Day Started!
Good morning Mondays always gets odd looks from people!~My friend Joey Graff who used to dance on desks on Mondays set the stage for his work week in Corporate America, and setting an example for those he worked with as well, as I always think of him with his Monday attitude ~ Can you imagine a man making 6 figures walking into his office and garnering attention by smiling on his way, in a booming voice telling all “Good Morning It’s Monday, and then “dancing on a desk” on top of it all?
Attitude is indeed 98% of everything… So,
let’s just jump on desks, tables (even if in our minds)
and get this week and staff off to a great start! It begins and ends with self…
It is time to add levity and attitude to the workplace in these uncertain times and especially during the holidays for Corporate America and those who work for them
So, after a rotten Sunday of football I’m wondering as I prepare for a speaking engagement for “coping with the holidays in the winter of grief” “What Do YOU do” out there to start your day?
To prepare for the day as your eyes open each day is what I’m wondering.
Do you wake up smiling?
Does your day start off with
or do you stretch into it gently.
Are you a MVP
 no matter how the day goes at the days end?
I’ve heard it said that when  football players, basketball players and other atheletes leave the locker rooms, they are pumped up… they have gathered around, they have huddled, had prayer, had a
word(s) to inspire, to motivate and are ready to take the field with attitude, focus
some “hitting the wall”, some hitting each other, some exchaging knowing looks,  as they exit
some filled with such focus they never remember leaving that room and find themselves on the field.
What do you do
to prepare for your day?
Are you ready to have the best day today?
It’s no so much circumstance, history, chronic pain,
craziness in what the week-end was like or even conflict at home or in the work-place.
IT is
about how you prepare, how you lead, how you train
how you choose
to live
and think about it
prepare well
get pumped up about this day
“Dance on your table, if only in your mind”