I had a new client about a month ago. He is an actor, but not just an actor looking for a job. This man is so diverse he was acting in a play, memorizing a script to sell cars at a convention, he’d just completed a major role in a motion picture that is being released in a month, and was also performing for a webseries.

No moss grows under his feet. I spent about 2 – 3 hours for our first memory lesson. He also watched my five memory lessons on youtube.com, and listened to all 12 lessons on the memory tapes. Last week we spoke. He was so excited that he got his entire script down in an hour to present at the convention. He was so impressed with the memory methods and his memorizing the script so well; that he offered memory tips to another man struggling to memorize his script.  He laughed, and he said, “It helped him.”

I am so pleased when I teach a student, adult man, who doesn’t make excuses that as a successful actor he “doesn’t need help.”  He said, “I want to be successful and stay successful, so I want to use whatever works whatever it takes.”  That’s the kind of attitude that makes me want to donate an extra hour to a paying customer because it’s so exciting to work with someone so driven and motivated to excellence.

 I like that he even helped a fellow competitor. When men are helping each other succeed; that is the comradery that America was built on. It makes me proud to be a memory trainer.  Vicki Mizel