“Mastering Your Mission”

The Need

Every organization has a mission; they share their mission in statement form with every individual in the organization.  This mission statement is essential to the success of the organization as a whole. The mission unites the organization, gives clear vision, direction and pushes it to new heights. It enables all employees to work for a universal purpose and a common goal.  The company mission statement not only unites the organization, but can motivate and excite all employees to deliver extraordinary results and exhibit superior performance. 

Most organizations, both businesses and public enterprises, are concerned with getting the most out of their employees. This is why it is not so strange that motivation to work has been a key topic of organizational psychology ever since the 1920s.”

Employee motivation greatly decreases after the first six months of starting a new job, according to an article for the Harvard Business School by David Sirota, Louis A. Mischkind and Michael Irwin Meltzer.  The writers maintain that motivation is a drive that must be stimulated on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of a company’s managers to prevent unmotivated employees.

Unmotivated employees have a reduction in their productivity.  They suffer from low morale and have a negative effect on the business.  They have a higher level of turnover and negatively affect the corporate culture. 

The Solution

Show your employees how important they are to you organization.  You will see an increase in productivity, increases stability, increased loyalty and improved customer satisfaction. 

Allow Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC the opportunity to transform and motivate your employees through the Mastering Your Mission business and individual coaching program.

Mastering Your Mission is a Unique, Needed and Must have program for EVERY individual and organization.
We believe in the theory by Anders Dysvik and practice Inner Motivation.  Employees perform best when they experience inner motivation at work.

Inner MotivationThe experience of joy, engagement, meaning and interest associated with the tasks one performs.

  • Inner motivation leads to better work performance and an increased willingness to help colleagues and to give an extra hand to the organization when necessary.


  • Employees who have inner motivation find that the job in itself is interesting, and triggers joy, commitment and a high level of activity. Committed employees perform a better job than those who primarily work to earn a living (have external motivation).


  • Motivated employees are further more loyal towards the organization. Inner motivation also reduces the employees’ intention to leave their job.


Mastering Your Mission will inspire your employees to go beyond the ordinary, to raise their standards and definition of success to a level that they are truly capable of reaching. Business and Individual life coaching offers a true partnership in the success of your employees.  An individual life coach gets to know your employees values, passion and life purpose and holds them to it.

This business and individual coaching program will propel your employees, through motivation and coaching, to achieve astonishing results.  No matter what level employee they are or how well they are performing in their career, I guarantee you that this business and individual coaching program will help them rise to an even greater level of success.
Darlene Hunter