For decades, most efforts to change have been heavily driven by processes and process changes. I believe that value is assigned to these processes based on complexity and price – the more complex and expensive they are, the more change we can expect as a result of using them. Unfortunately, neither is necessarily true.

Complexity creates confusion about change and causes us to miss the simple reasons why we struggle with change. Example: we bring Six Sigma or Lean into a company and expect a lot of change and a lot more profit. Sometimes what we get is less change and little additional profit for the investment. Why? Because the reasons that make change hard were not addressed – what people believe about change, management’s role in change, what is possible to change, etc. Pretty basic stuff .. not flashy and not attached to multi-million dollar investments that require board approval, but it’s the stuff that real and lasting change is built on. It’s also the stuff directly tied to trust and management credibility … something to think about.