Sherlock Holmes said, “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.”  Navigating the course of leadership is often not easy.  We need all the help we can from any source we can get it.  Therefore, it is important that we learn to look for clues that will lead us to the proper people and decisions that enable us to fulfill our mission and vision.

Bob Beaudine says, “Sherlock Holmes became world famous for his uncanny ability to perceive clues.  He saw what others couldn’t until he pointed them out.  The remarkable gift of ‘seeing’ most often revealed clues hidden in plain sight.  You and I need the ability to detect the clues life sets before us.  They’re actually easy to see, but, as you and I know, we often miss the obvious.*

Is it possible there are clues close to you that if seen could help move your organization forward?  Is it possible there is something common in your surroundings you are overlooking that might provide the answer to your current question?  Is there someone whose skills or knowledge you have overlooked?  Is there someone who can help you view your leadership possibilities and organization through a different set of lenses?  Ask him.  Ask her.  You may be surprised what they see or suggest!  Like Sherlock Holmes, good leaders are always looking for, and more often than not, finding clues that help solve the mystery!


*  Bob Beaudine, THE POWER OF WHO!  (Center Street, New York; 2009), 82.