An excellent leader should attempt to keep the business or organization at the leading edge of competition within the applicable industry, to attempt to be continuously outside the box, instead of just attempting to keep one step ahead or on a par with the competition.
An excellent example of this is the current status in the mobile operating systems industry. Apple iOS and Google Android are apparently marching ahead with such speed and innovation that they are far ahead of the competition – and very good competition at that.
All of this requires continuous excellent research – knowing what customers want and need well before they even know what they want and need. And then it also requires an excellent staff with imagination – people who know how to innovate in direct alignment with customer demand and customer preferences. And the crowning touch to really stay at the leading edge is knowing what will excite customers. It is developing a product with such appeal that people will stand in long lines to buy the product when it first hits the market.
So, no matter what industry you are in, if you are an excellent leader, you will, and allow your staff to, think outside the box – to continually benchmark the competition, and other appropriate entities, and to develop products or services that are so exciting that they instantly grab leading headlines once they are ready to start being placed on store shelves for the first time.