Australia is commonly called the “Land Down Under.”  It is the land of the boomerang, kangaroo and its nearby neighbor island was once the home of the Tasmanian Devil.  It is the land of the easily identified Sydney Opera House and the home of Olympic gold medal winner Cathy Freeman.  My brother visited there; my nephew studied there.  But I, have never been anywhere near the “Land Down Under.”

Leading from down under has nothing to do with Australia.  Leading from down under means that there are times when the leader must support those he or she leads from below.  Certainly there are times in a leader’s journey that require holding up those who need encouragement.  To do this, you will need to lead from down under.  Leading from above or out in front is the common place for a leader. And it is usually the most exciting and challenging place to be.  But leadership calls for an ability and willingness to move in and out of varying styles and places of leading.

Sometimes your people need you to be “down under” more than they need you to be “above.”  Sometimes your best work as a leader takes place when you are “Leading From Down Under.”  And, leading from down under can take place even if you have never been anywhere near Australia!