Leadership dancing?  Few ever think of dancing as one of the skills of an effective leader.  However, learning the “dance of leadership” is important if one is going to help take the company, church or civic club forward.  When properly done, the dance of leadership is the result of a healthy relationship between the leader and those being led.  This healthy relationship has a rhythm and movement that calls to mind the image of elegant ballroom dancing.  When learned and executed properly, this dance flows as smoothly as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing across the sound stage in one of MGM’s musicals from the 1930s.

Of course, this dance is not the Fox Trot, Tango or Magic Step.  But it is a dance (relationship) of trust and cooperation that results in higher productivity and greater satisfaction for all involved.  As organizations go through change, the steps of the “leadership dance” will make times of transition less stressful.  When the dance of leadership is done well, the level of respect for the leader rises.  When the dance of leadership is done well, emerging leaders have a good model to follow.  However, there are several points that all involved in this dance need to remember:

1-Only one person can truly be leading.

2-Those who are not leading must be willing to follow the one who is.

3-All persons involved in the dance must learn and remember the same steps.

4-Graceful, elegant dancing is the result of much practice,  trust and cooperation.

There is no need for one dancer to step on the feet of the other.  Good leaders know how to help others follow.  Leadership is a mixture of many things.  One of the great joys of being a leader is teaching others to dance with you.  So, get out there on the company floor and do some “leadership dancing.”