What strange thing is man:

Born without asking:

Lives without knowing:

Dies without wanting!

…during the course of life, this strange thing called man must properly manage his life if he or she is going to be an effective leader.  Understanding one’s role as a leader means that attention must be given to living by virtue.  Attention must be given to developing noble traits.  In other words, good leaders must rise above the average way of living and excel in such ways that their good character is part of the reason they are able to lead.  By their good qualities and characteristics, leaders are able to earn the respect of others.  There are those who lead with fear and intimidation.  And there are those who have followers only because of the position or title they hold.  But the crowning mark of a good leader is when he or she is respected by those they are leading.*

Noble character is part of the recipe in earning the respect of those you lead.  Which friend, acquaintance or associate do you trust enough to ask their honest assessment of your character?  If he or she identifies something less than noble, what will you do?  Your character is important.  If the assessment reveals something negative, I encourage you to not become angry with your friend, but use his or her honesty as an opportunity to improve yourself as a leader.


* Mark T. Sorrels, Understanding Your Role As A Leader, (Bloomington, IN, Xlibris Corporation, 2011), 26.