Suppose a person in a leadership position has the ability to readily attract followers.  Suppose that person speaks well, has great vision and ideas and presents him or herself well before the public.  What is it that could prevent that person from being a good leader?  You guessed it.  Negative qualities or character traits can bring death to the life of an otherwise talented leader.  No matter whether you get your news from the internet, television, radio or the newspaper, it will not take you long to learn of a politician, religious leader or sports figure that has bitten the dust as a result of some less than noble quality in his or her life.*

Never under estimate the value and power of good character.  On the other hand, never under estimate the negative power of ignoble character.  Looking forward to upcoming articles, I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions: What character trait do I have that might negatively affect my ability to lead?  What can I do to delete this trait and replace it with something positive?  If you answer these questions honestly and are willing to take action concerning them, you are on your way to being a better leader.



* Mark T. Sorrels, Understanding Your Role As A Leader, (Bloomington, IN, Xlibris, 2011), 25.