Sometimes people are leaders by default. They could be international, national, regional, or local celebrities who have become well known because of newsworthy good which they have accomplished, whether in government, sports, the motion picture industry, business, etc. Many times these people do not even think of themselves as leaders, especially early on in their career or activity that brings them notoriety.
In being a leader default, one of the challenges is to always think and act like a leader, on or off the job. Because, whether you like it or not, you have become a role model. The most recent example of this is the rookie winner of the Daytona 500 in February. He went from local notoriety into the national spotlight in a few short hours. Now, for the rest of his life, like it or not, he will be a role model to thousands for years to come on account of that one event. Now he will always need to watch that he takes only actions, on or off the job, that will serve as models to others, especially the younger generation – actions that continue to earn him the respect that he has so quickly gained.
For anyone who has earned high respect like this, keeping the respect earned can be especially challenging sometimes. If such a person has had bad habits in the past (e.g. drinking too much, sexual harassment, etc.), he/she must immediately and forever shake these bad habits to assure staying power in this leadership by default position, or risk losing some or all of the respect. And in practical terms, this can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in potential earnings, not only for the person, but for those associated with the person.
So a leader by default needs to think unselfishly at all times. Not only could any immoral activity, for example, harm such a well earned reputation, it could also reflect negatively on an employer, peers and even one’s family.
So, to such a leader by default, whether you are on the job, in the community, or at home, never let down your guard. Once a leader, always think and act like a leader no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. Your forever future success depends on keeping in line with actions and words that always earn respect.