Recently while standing on the south bank of Green Lake in Wisconsin, I noticed a large number of fishes in three feet of water or less.  Bass, bluegill and yellow perch were readily available for the prepared angler.  Usually, when in shallow water, fish are easy to catch.

The next day at the same time I returned to the same location and there were no fish to be seen!  What happened?  Change; the warm, southern breeze on the first day had become a cold wind from the east.  The barometric pressure had changed and the temperature had dropped.  In order to catch fish, an angler would have had to make some major adjustments.  The fish were still in the lake but had moved to deeper water or were hiding in the thick aquatic vegetation.  In order to catch fish, the angler would have had to use smaller bait, fish in deeper water and slow down his or her presentation.

Though effective leaders initiate change, they must also be able to discern the winds of change that blow from another source.  Wise leadership knows that due to the constant challenges of change that adjustments are an ongoing necessity.  Effective leadership calls us to be flexible enough to make the needed adjustments in order to keep putting fish in the livewell.