My husband and I stopped by a local fast food restaurant after church on Easter Sunday to grab a quick lunch before cooking a special dinner for my family.  The manager asked me about my plans for dinner and went on to explain that the restaurant would close at 4:00 pm and she would be spending Easter dinner there with her employees.  So when I wished her a happy holiday despite the fact that she was working she shared that her Easter dinner with her employees was special, too.

The manager talked about the special dinner she was planning for her employees, all the while beaming with pride and offered her reasons for this effort:

  • The employees are single and don’t have much family so work is like a family for them;
  • To give the employees a way to feel good about working on the holiday and have something to look forward to, and;
  • To recognize, motivate and to show how much they are valued.

We sat down and ate our lunch and I watched as part of the menu started to unfold with the caterer bringing in the beginning of what looked to be a special meal.

Now I know why the workers at this fast food restaurant always make me feel as though I am dining in a full service restaurant.  It is clear that this manager has found a way to lead in little way that has a large impact on her workplace.

What have you done lately to lead in a little way?