How Much Money Can I Make

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Have you ever considered becoming a professional speaker? According to Training Magazine, a professional periodical of the corporate seminar business, corporate America will spend over $300 billion dollars on business training. In addition, the personal growth seminar market is estimated between $50-65 billion yearly.

Where is this money spent?

Conference & conventions, college & universities, corporations, government, continuing education programs, cruise ships, school district training days, trade shows, and much more

Who exactly receives this money?

Keynote Speakers:

These are the race horses of the business! Paid to overcome challenges, motivate, inspire, help others achieve their dreams, and create personal & business success. Many of our MVP presenters are available for Keynote Speeches. The Keynote Speaker skill set requires enormous practice, excellent humor and presentations skills. Since most topics are motivational or inspirational in nature, academic backgrounds are important, but not nearly as essential as Training & Coaching. This venue is generally for luncheon meetings, corporate retreats, dinners, conventions and conferences.

MVP Member fee range: $1,500 – $8,000 for a one hour presentation

Expenses are extra and billed to client.

View more info on Keynote Speakers.

Business Training:

(Generally conducted On-Site or client’s location of choice)

This is our bread and butter. Requires specific academic qualifications, humor, patience, and a sincere love of teaching. Business Training speakers must thoroughly understand their topic area and have excellent presentation skills.

Enhanced sense of humor and high energy certainly are a big plus. Our business trainers are invited back over 60% of time.

MVP Training fee range: Based on topic, qualifications and experience

$2,500 – $7,000 for a full day of training (8:30-4:00, two breaks, and lunch)

Half-Day Presentations range $1,500 – $4,000 (9:00-12:00)

Fees are much higher for multiple topics presented during either half or full day training sessions.

Course binders are generally included and travel expenses are billed directly to client.

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Break-Out Sessions:

These generally are 1 hr. presentations following Keynote Speakers during a convention or corporate retreat. Many large conventions will hire over 75 separate break-out session speakers for these workshops, with various topics. Basically the same qualifications as Business Training, but only 1 hr. in length, sometimes given 2-3 times, during the course of half-day format.

MVP Fee Range: $1200 – $2,500 per half day, plus all expenses.

Many of our speakers do breakout sessions.  Search by topic. 

Public Seminars: California Sexual Harassment

MVP Workshop Fees are billed per day: $149.00 per attendee, 3 participants from same company attend, the 4th goes free. Presenter is responsible for their own expenses.  See Locations in California

Executive Consulting:

Either business or personal development topics. Many speakers/trainers are contacted for consulting or individual coaching following their training sessions. This is about specifically applying knowledge to solve or correct real world issues.

MVP Executive Consulting Fees: Consultant sets own hourly fees. Average is about $185.00 Consultant sets daily fees, average is about $2500 per day, plus expenses.

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How Much Can I Make?

According to the National Speakers Association, nearly four in ten members have annual incomes topping $140,000, with 20% in excess$250,000. This takes time, dedication, and excellent marketing, but is achievable.

The Grass is not Always Greener. Our MVP staff encourages new speakers/trainers to keep their day jobs, develop and improve their new craft and secondary careers very slowly. This is not a get rich quick business! After 3-4 years the results are very encouraging.

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On many other pages of this site, we have put together a resource guide, including training tools, steps, and tips, to help you learn to become a professional public speaker.