Jiddu  Krisnamurti  (1875-1986), was an Indian writer and speaker of great original power.  I was introduced to his work in a college course on philosophy and religion.  What amazed me then and continues to do so is the manner in which Krishnamurti approached the world and its problems.

For instance, he stated the following comment about the world’s seemingly unsolvable problems:  “One can see that ideologies play a tremendous part in the life of man throughout the world and that these ideologies do separate man into groups, the republican and the democrat, the left and the right and so on.  They divide people and by their very nature these ideologies become authority.  Those who assume power in these ideologies tyrannize, democratically or ruthlessly, this is observable throughout the world.  Ideologies principles, and beliefs, not only separate man into groups, but they actually prevent cooperation, yet that is what we need in the world, to cooperate to work together, to act together, not acting in one way, belonging to one group, and not in another.  Division inevitably comes about if you believe in a particular ideology whether it is that of the communist, the socialist, the capitalist and so on whatever that ideology may be, it must separate and breed conflict.”

One may be tempted to react to his poignant words with the ardour of infectious bravado because of one’s particular group affiliation but it is that very idea that he wants to collapse and overthrow in our collective awareness.  But we must take the time to meditate upon his words and allow them to penetrate our muscular and militarized minds.

Our minds are muscular in the sense that we are strong and have been taught to be so through environmental  training, subsequent life experiences, and our minds have been militarized in the sense that they are alert and powerful to resist an opposing viewpoint that may in some manner possibly offer a much healthier alternative than the one that we have cultivate and nurtured over time.

For Krishnamurti, this is a type of belief that demonstrates fragmented self-awareness, and therefore a substantively narrow view of life.  Such a person or persons as the case may be are in desperate need of having the Doors of Perception cleansed.

How is this possible within the milieu of planned and manipulated perceptual biases?  Krishnamurti says, “…a thing which is really as important as love and the beauty of love and  and the significance of death, it is meditation.  What should we do, if it is possible, is to go into this question of how we can live totally, differently, of how to bring about this immense psychological revolution, so that there is no aggression, but intelligence.  Intelligence can be above both aggression and non-aggression because it understands the way of aggression and violence.  Such a revolution brings about a life of highest sensibility and therefore highest intelligence.”

Here is an approach to conflict management that should be revisited with the intent to reclaim the wisdom gems contained therein for optimal human advantaging.  We need to do this sooner rather than later for we live in bewildering times.