Your business has four basics.

1. Employees

2. Customers

3. Finances

4. Operations

Senior leadership needs to give all four equal emphasis. No one is more important than the other. It is like a stool with four legs. If you give more emphasis to one than the other three, it is akin making one stool leg longer than the other three. Try sitting or, worse yet, standing on a stool with one leg that is longer than the other three. Ouch! I hope the fall didn’t hurt too much!

The US economy, and to some extent, the world economy,  has had (and continues to have) significant problems because businesses and other organizations do not have a balanced leadership stool. Yes, our third category, finances, is very important, but so are the other three categories listed above. Your finances will eventually suffer if you put more focus on them than the other three categories because the other three need to be excellent to assure your finances are excellent.

A balanced business, has to have satisfied, motivated employees to function at optimum levels. To the extent that employees are not satisfied, they are a drag on the organization – productivity suffers.

A balanced business has to have satisfied customers – they are the major source of revenue. To the extent the customers are satisfied, to that extent will they be willing to keep purchasing your products and services.

And, a balanced business has to have excellent operations.  To the extent the operations are excellent, to that extent will the products and services be excellent and therefore attractive to potential customers.

Productive employees, spending customers, and excellent products and services all should result in excellent finances if  sound principles are being used to manage the finances.

So, even if your organization has had decades of an unbalanced leadership stool, one of the leaders is going to have to have the courage to bring the business back into balance before performance is reliably headed to optimum performance, including investor-attractive financial results.