Is Your Customer Service Headed in the Right Direction?

From a customer perspective, your frontline customer contact employees are your company.
How are you treating your customer contact employees? Are they satisfied? Do they have all the tools which they need to do an excellent job? Do you survey them at least annually to get a valid answer to these and other important questions?
When a customer calls your business for customer support or technical support can they reach a person directly or do they have to go through a series of automated questions before reaching a real person? Mazes are for mice in laboratories, certainly not for your customers who are the source of your revenue.
When a customer calls for customer or technical support do they get people with thorough knowledge at their finger tips to answer and solve any type situation? Hopefully, for financial savings sake, this essential part of excellent customer service hasn’t been cut to the bare necessities.
Do customers have to wait in long lines or long queues on the telephone before being able to speak to the person that can help them? When that does occur it is like saying to the customer: “My time is very valuable but your time, Mr. or Ms. Customer, is not valuable”.
Do you have hidden fees, known only to you or found only in font size 3 print?
The answers you give to all the above questions will tell a lot about whether or not your customer service is headed in the right direction.