Let’s say that you have a software-related business and that I’m your customer. I run into a problem using your software while on the Internet and need to have the problem solved right away because I’m working on a big project for one of my clients.
How easy have you made it for me to contact the exact type of person I need to exactly solve my problem quickly? Do you send me to a forum where it may be days before I ever hear from someone – and even then will they be able to give the answer that I need? Do you send me to your customer support web site where I may enter my question – only to wait days before receiving a response? Do you send me to a toll free customer service line only to receive an automated response unit computer voice that takes me around in circles never giving me a choice that remotely sounds like what I need?
If your response to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then you are clearly implying to your customers that they are not important to you – even though customers are the source of 95% of the revenue for your business.
If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, it is highly recommended that you re-think your motives for the customer response systems you have chosen and give your customers – the vast source of your revenues – the ability to quickly solve their problems by having easy and quick access to the exact person who will be able to solve their problems. Of course another solution would be for you to make your products with such precise perfection that customers would never have problems and therefore would almost never need to contact your support group.