When good people don’t go into politics, the bad people prevail.

I am  looking for some good people. Make no mistake about it.   I’m looking for some good people. The country is looking for good people. Desperately looking for good people.

Why is the country looking for good people?

The reason is because the U.S.A. has entered a period of kakistocracy. Our representative democracy has resulted in a situation where the worst people are in power.

Kakistocracy – A form of government where the worst people are in power.

I don’t mean “worst” as in evil or tormenting. I’m talking incompetency. I say that in the most non-partisan terms possible. Fine people. I personally like most all of them I have met, and I’ve met a ton of them over the course of my political career.

Individually fine people…Collectively incompetent…Collectively a Kakistocracy.

One of the icons of my generation Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead said back in the 60?s when the world was in turmoil, “Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.”

He had no idea how much of a prophet he was when he said that. It turns out that it was incredibly pathetic that it was us.

My generation has failed to solve every major problem we have faced. We have ducked and dodged our way out of  problems for years. We have pushed the hard decisions down the road for someone else to make.

Guess what. Time is up. “Someone else” needs to step forward and take the place of this present generation of elected officials. We need some good people.

We need to ignite the Kakistocracy Revolution!