This is my promise to myself. Just because I’m am turning 71, I refuse to do the following:

I promise not to grow a beard, mustache, or goatee and think I am hip.

I promise not to grow a ponytail and think I am sexy.

I promise not to have bushy eyebrows or excess hair coming out of my ears and nose.

I promise not to wear plaid shirts or shorts.

I promise not to let my stomach hang over my belt.

I promise to go to the national cemetery each Veterans Day and show my respect to my fellow veterans.

I promised to continue going to church each Sunday to give thanks for all my blessings.

II promise not to sell my vote to any politician who promises to send me a check from the government.

I promise not to be part of the problem but always seek solution to the problems.

I promise that my time is up I will be be worn out, not rusted out, moving as fast as I can, not sitting in a chair and my gas tank will be on empty.

I promised to conduct myself in such a manner that I will earn respect from everyone I’m in contact with and make my Creator very proud of His creation