“I love that age!” A second time Mom said discussing her 3-year-old while they waited for their coffee. “You know, they’re so playful and fun and they listen to everything you say.” They listen to everything you say. This was a movie, wasn’t it called Stepford Wives?

Often people comment on how certain ages of growing up are good or bad for them. Of course, they are absolutely entitled to their opinion. However, you have to wonder when someone prefers a stage of development that is characterized by your child worshiping you as a parent and having little or no opposition to whatever the family routine is, you have to wonder how they will parent their teen. You also have to wonder, “Who else will that teen let control them in this way?

In fact, this is one of the problems at the core of the difficulty parenting a teen. Teens have their own opinions and have developed or are developing their own way of wanting to do things. This is a good thing too or they would be that not so cute 23 year-old having a tough time making it on their own. That kind of 23 year-old begs to live with their parents forever!

In truth there is something special and unique about each stage of development and if you can think of the alternative, the 23 year-old who can’t make it on their own, you kinda can’t wait until you can teach them how to do their own laundry and balance their own checkbook.