Seriously, think about it. How many times have you questioned your self worth, after a comment was made about your services, skills, or knowledge of a topic. Repeatedly you would replay the event in your mind, again and again, wondering what you did wrong…or did someone not clearly understand you?
This feeling of angst can simply eat at you. You will let it lie dormant for a while, but it can silently surface, again and again…and it will chisel at your self esteem…your self confidence. So what do you do about this?
Continue to 2nd guess yourself? Probably for a while, but then it is time to take a step back and reevaluate how you feel about yourself. How will you let that person or department continue to take control of your emotions and productivity?
Well, it can be done. There is a technique called N.L.P. Neural Linguistic Programming. It was created by Dr. Milton Erickson, a renowned psychiatrist, who understood how to reframe peoples belief systems, thru positive wording and “anchoring techniques.” This process has worked very well, because it became your choice to feel positive about a situation, and not let your subconscious dominante and control your fears.
His sentence is broken down into 3 parts:
1) “I Choose To Be In Control”
2)” Feeling Positive About This Presentation (or) Feeling focused and credible about my self worth (or) Feeling valuable about my contributions…..(etc.) (you get the idea, taking a concept and putting it in a positive spin)
3) “Is O.K. with me.”
Dr. Erickson, then said, repeat this sentence, while pressing your thumb to your finger, taking a deep cleansing breath, and do it again, as you press your thumb to the next finger. It is critical you say this sentence and mean it. The power of the mind, will then respond to this positive, reframed way of thinking, and begin to transfer or release any negative beliefs.
This technique is used thru out corporations, and can be applied to your life. Yes it sound simple, but sometimes the best things are just that.
Reframe the way you think from
K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple stupid” to K.I.S.S. to “Keep it simple successfully!”
Try it you’ll like it…sometimes the simplest things in life are the easiest and most successful techniques to incorporate!