This is because his qi and blood become inactive, then some blood stasis congregates in body. Further this part of blood in body will die. Blood die will cause muscle tissue die, and the related body organism die. This is how cancer comes from. But why the qi and blood become inactive? That’s because one has abused his body. Laborious work, less exercise, emotional excitement, hazardous environment, eating unhealthy food and frequent sex. For recovering the problem, he needs to reverse all these daily practice.
A person’s dying sign shows as: Eyes close, no energy to open, his liver qi is dying. Mouth opens, no energy to close it, his spleen qi is dying. Snoring with phlegm noise, his lung qi is dying. Open hands without grasping, his heart qi is dying. No control of urine, his kidney qi is dying. If just one or two of above signs, this patient’s life has a chance to recovery. If five signs are shown up, he will have no chance.