How many times have you been in someone’s office and they have asked you to close the door? The story that follows is usually about someone in management that 1) did not do what he said he would do, 2) verbally supported a new policy in a staff meeting, but refused to implement it when the time came, or 3) stayed in his office instead of going to a meeting to solve a problem that impacted his department.

Choices like this are made by millions of people in management every single day. Management views these choices as part of their management privilege, not choices that negatively affect profit, performance or organizational change. It’s just something they get to do as a member of the management team.

WHAT IF dollar losses were attached to management choices only discussed behind closed doors? I am certain they would far exceed what we might expect. Want to accelerate change at lightning speed? Consider holding management accountable for value lost due to their subjective choices. Watch for RAPID and RADICAL organizational change to follow!