If you watched the Masters Golf Tournament, you watched a truly riveting game. Something that nobody would believe to describe a golf game! But it was the “rise and fall” of Rory Mcllroy, and also of Tiger Woods!

It seemed that Rory had this game locked up. Each and every hole he commanded the lead. And even towards the end of the game Tiger came “roaring” back and it was tie…for awhile. And then Rory simply watched his game  his fall apart. One bad shot, led to another….and another. In many sports, one can make amends after a few mistakes. But golf is not that forgiving.

As a result Rory lost his confidence, and the game. If you ever watched the movie “Bagger Vance” there was a scene in the movie that has the caddy (Will Smith) say to the professional golfer (Matt Damon) upon a very diffiucult shot  that had bushes and trees….”look, and focus. Now focus more. Look for the space and only that area and follow thru..

As Matt Damon followed his directions, the audience could see the direct path that the ball was suppose to take.

Staying focused, staying positive and knowing what you are going to accomplish AND having the confidence to believe that you will do just that!

This young golfer Mcllroy, continued to fall from his “focus” and he questioned and doubted himself.

And he paid the price.

How often has that happened to you? It can be fleeting or it can insidious. Confidence can rip away your self esteem and this can affect your productivity and your profitability. When this emotional “roller-coaster” takes place within your life, you have to pause, take a step back, focus and realize what is the next best step for you to take.

This can be hard to do when you are “drowning” in doubt. But your natural instinct of “fight or fligght” comes in to play here. You know what is the right thing to do….but it is difficult to do. First things first, pause and take a breath. Get a piece of paper, and right down what are the issues at hand. Since the brain “thinks in pictures” this is critically important to have clarity on what your next steps are.

If your current environment allows you to, list 3 pro’s and 3 con’s on what would be the next steps you have to consider addressing. Pause, think and evaluate each step. This is important. This gives you a sense of control. And with this sense of control you will feel “safe.” You will feel as if you are approaching the issue with more confidence.

Close your eyes for a few moments and visualize what you want the outcome to be. Again as I’ve said, the brain does think in pictures….and if you visualize briefly what you want to achieve. This will become a catalyst to your decision.

These steps sound simple, but they ARE powerful. As the simple children’s story goes…”I think I can…I think I can” actually has credibility. Pause, have clarity on what you want to accomplish, understand the pro’s and con’s of your actions, visualize what you want to achieve….and you will have the confidence to be in control and to feel successful.

Dr. Milton Erickson, the founder of N.L.P. (Neural Linguistic Programming) stated that the control that you allow within your mindset along with breathing and anchoring techniques of pressing your thumb to your finger while visualizing what you want to achieve…are one of the greatest techniques of feeling  confident and in control.

There are many in depth studies on N.L.P., and they are worth pursuing for your own knowledge.

But these concise techniques can make changes within your life, and solidify your confidence.

And you are worth it!

How often have you done that in your professional and personal life?  Your level of self confidence affects yours productivity everyday. Whether you believe in your skills as a team manager, or your confidence to give a presentation or your skills to be a leader, parent or partner. Confidence  can be fleeting.

You have to stay centered and focused