Have you found the joy in your life? This may seem a simple statement, yet most of my success in family, business and life has sprung from that fountain of happiness that people point to repeatedly. Over my career people are often surprised after first meeting me to hear that the bulk of my years were spent in the investment business. They cannot envision my “big personality” fitting into the staid and proper world of institutional investments. Matter of fact, I have found that the tone of voice used with the word “big” can be very telling. Sometimes it is meant as a compliment and sometimes not…
I was on the sales side of things throughout my career and clients seem to enjoy my enthusiasm for life. I treated everyone like family and I didn’t realize for a while that I treated them better, with more kindness and thought than there own family experience. Typically I was invited to stay at the homes of my clients after a while because I was family to them. My competitors found this remarkable as they had never been invited to do the same…

Meeting people for the first time I found it to be more accurate when asked what I did for a living to say “I tell the truth enthusiastically.” In every phase of my life that is what I do apparently. I know some people are unsure how to respond to that enthusiasm, yet being called “uncle John” by children of my clients was about the best compliment I could be paid. I’m old enough that when I was in grammar and junior high school, there was no such thing as ADD or ADHD. The teachers simply wrote “Johnny is very enthusiastic.” I would admit to being the class clown at times, yet I was never rude or disrespectful of my teachers. My parents showed us proper behavior and attitude by example…is that what is missing today?

So, if you want to make an impact at work or in your family life, find where your joy lives and use it freely. Your attitude will be contagious and the best way to fill your cup is to give your heart away whenever you can. Some people will not understand at first, or at all for that matter. But, failure to try and share your heart will most definitely give you a predictable result. Doesn’t that make sense??? Give it a try at least…it is where freedom and self actualization begin!

The Journey of Life

The journey of life is the motion to carry your spirit with pride
Where no little kindness is wasted, a joyfulness one cannot hide

I’ve been at the crossroads where life meets death, a whole new level of cruel
And I was still looking for a silver lining with goodness and giving as fuel

To reach a level of comfort inside where giving comes without measure
Leaving that as your legacy, more riches than any man’s treasure

If you’re not living joyfully, using each day as a gift
Then you’re missing the point that while we’re here,
That’s what it means to live

Let’s not call it religion, it’s more like a spiritual tide
That flows over us if we let it, with feelings that we cannot hide

So hold me please whenever you can and tell me what’s behind your eyes
And we’ll spend more time looking inward, the answer is not in the skies

If you’re not living joyfully, using each day as a gift
Then you’re missing the point that while we’re here
That’s what it means to live