How many times do you get to Friday and realize that you have not achieved what you set out to do?  Many of us have written plans and goals and even "To Do" lists but getting the major goals accomplished is often difficult.  Time management can be challenging for business people today as our personal lives morph into our business lives and vice-versa.

Out biggest goals are often the most difficult so we push them aside and focus on trivia and time wasting activities.  In the long run this only increases our anxiety and stress.

So how can you set weekly goals and by Friday feel that you have accomplished some major tasks?  Try a sticky goal.  It's pretty simple, actually.  Look at your plan – select your most important or critical goal and break into smaller tasks or objectives.  Now if you don't have a plan, take some time now to write down a big goal that is looming over you and the most pressing actions that you know that you need to take and rank them. You can determine priority by whether your goal, action or task is both urgent and important and the timetable for when it needs to be completed.  Select the most important goal for your week, write it down and stick it in visible sight where you will have to look at it often throughout the day.  

Some computer programs offer electronic post it notes.  You can place your sticky goal right there on your computer desk top.  If an electronic sticky note doesn't work, use a paper sticky note and attach it to your computer or your desk so it will be a constant reminder to you.  Start the process on Monday and see if you can get through your major tasks to chip away at you major goal by the end of the week.  When Friday comes you should be able to see your list almost disappear.

"Sticky goals" will help you work on your most important goal every day, a little at a time.